Monthly Stats // July '16 // A Stressful Month


Last month has been an absolute whirlwind. It's been crazy busy and stressful. With travelling up north for Phillips Great North Swim and going to see my parents, there's been a lot of 'convenience' foods been eaten. That coupled with some drama over the last 2 weeks at work has lead to a pretty destructive month progress wise.

I knew that this month would be bad in terms of stats and I have been totally prepared for it and totally ready to put last month behind me and move on this month.

0.4 lb gain. I expected this. My eating has been less than stellar over the last 2 weeks as you may know if you read my recent weekly recap post. I also suspect that some of that .4 is probably to do with the fact that I've had pasta on 4 occasions in 2 days which is not good! That coupled with the fact that I'm in another no-exercise funk is not helping!

Total lbs lost since my highest weight: 94.2 lbs

No changes in measurements this week. which I'm pretty happy about given the last two weeks. I expected to see some gained inches somewhere but all seems to be OK. Obviously, it's not an ideal situation when I want to be losing inches.. but I'm taking the positive from this.

Last Months Plans:
- Continue tracking calories - This actually hasn't happened. I was doing OK until sh*t hit the fan and I just didn't care about tracking. I'm back on it now, since it is the 1st after all.

This Months Plans:
- Implement some cross training into my routine -  I've been running a lot and I've started to swim a bit more.. but ideally I want to switch things up and do other things too, just so I don't get bored of doing the same thing week in week out. I'm vowing that I will dust off the Kettlebells this month and actually start doing some 'strength' training as such. I think I'm also gonna start doing some Yoga/Pilates too, particularly some yoga after running as a way to stretch off(something I've been neglecting).


I'm ready to go!

QUESTION: How do you deal with/handle stress? Do you eat away your emotions or control them?

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  1. I definitely don't control my emotions well. I tend to crave sweet and starchy foods when I'm stressed, unless it's something acute and then I have no appetite at all. Congrats on continuing with your journey--I remember back when you first had your surgery. You've been working so hard.

  2. Oh Laura, it's a real struggle for lately has been very stressful and I hit the most I've weighed in a few year's. My problem is, I comfort eat or I have super healthy mains and then rummage in the cupboards for dessert. Bad day? - Food. Tired? - Food. HM Training? - Eat alllll the food! :)
    Don't let it get you down, you still look great!

  3. Oh Laura, sometimes sh*t does hit the fan, don't worry though, I am sure you will kill it next month.


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