Weekly Recap #7


No more birthday, wahey! This week has be good exercise wise, food wise it hasn't been too bad either. I do think the cake as off-set me slightly and I've been eating a little too many calories, but I hope to get that sorted this week(I've been a little too relaxed).. Anyway! I will give away everything before I've even started my post so lets get on with it!

I ran 3 times this week. The intention was to give my legs a rest after running way too much last week, so my last run was on Monday and then I gave my legs a rest until the park run on Saturday.

On Monday, we did 5.7 miles with the dog. It was only supposed to be about 4.5-5 miles but we set off a tad late and it ended up being really busy with dogs and since we had Amber, we had to avoid the busy parts - making our run a bit longer - which wasn't ideal for my poor pegs.

Sat was park run day - it wasn't too bad, I felt like I was going way faster than it turns out I was.. which is always a little disappointing when I feel like I've put in so much effort.

Today, me and Phillip went for a hill repeat run - we drove into the City and used one of the only hills we have available in the area to do some hill repeats. The first hill repeat seemed easy.. by the last I was heaving at the top of the hill.. fun times!
As for other exercise, I went swimming 3 times this week. I didn't have a swimming lesson this week as the pool closes earlier on a bank holiday, but I went swimming on Weds, Thurs and Fri. I just did breaststroke on all 3 days which has become a real habit as it's the only stroke I'm actually good at. I really need to start including some front crawl on my non-swimming lesson days to get in some more practice.

Food has been better than it was last week but could do with some improvements. Since eating a lot more than usual the week before, mostly leftover cake, it's taken me a while to get back into the swing of things this week and I've been often over my calories this week. I need to nip this in the bud next week. Obviously, I am in a deficit calorie wise - so I have eaten at maintenance calories this week but that does not help when I want to be losing weight.

I managed 3 blog posts this week(including this post) and a Youtube video. I'm pretty happy with that and I'm hoping to continue with that schedule. of at least 3 posts per week and a video.

Here are my posts for this week:
The Importance Of Sleep When Training
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For my youtube video.. see below


This actually came with perfect timing as I filmed my Monthly Favourites for this month and thought it fit in quite well. Whilst it's single favourite for the week, this should suffice! :)

Since I failed to even put up a weekly recap post last week, I grabbed my to-do's from the week prior:
Not eat cake everyday! - FAIL - Whilst I didn't have cake every day, I did have cake for a good portion of the week. We had a surprise BBQ for Fred for his belated 70th, as I mentioned the other week. Unfortunately, we were landed with half of the birthday cake to take home. The cake was awesome and I had no control this week so had more than I should have. I am a little guilty.. but whatever!

So, with that in mind, this week:
- Try to lower my carbs/sugar - After still eating too much cake at the first part of last week, I want to make more of a conscious effort to lower my carbs/sugar - Sugar shouldn't be too hard, I've stocked up on a bunch of fruit this week for snacks - this should lower my carbs too. I had quite a bit of bread last week too for my lunch, so I'm gonna go for salads this week and stay away from the bread.

Increase my water - I have been drinking fair bit of water but I haven't been drinking enough - especially at work - the office is like the north pole, they seem to have the air con on for some reason when it's been bloody miserable so I'm always cold and never fancy cold water.. so I've been slacking a bit. I think upping my water should also help with not eating so much as I reckon I've not been hungry all the time and rather just more thirsty.

Hopefully this week will be a good week. Exercise may be slightly though. Phillip, his mum and I are travelling up to the Lake District on Friday as they are both doing the Great North Swim. I'm not entirely sure why I got roped into going when I'm not participating(and it's more money for me to travel).. but oh well! It's been ages since I went to the Lake District and it will be good to get a change of scenery. I'm gonna take my running things with me and see if there is a park run up where Phillip's Auntie lives(that's who we're staying with).

Question: Do you ever go to Park Runs? How many different park runs have you been to? Tell me one of your favourites for the month of May?

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