Weekly Recap #3


This week has been a little better than last week and I'm feeling a bit more positive. My week has been productive and I feel like everything is moving in the right direction which is great.

I had a swimming lesson this week, which was actually ridiculously difficult. I came out of the lesson feeling completely spent and my legs felt awful! haha! We were doing a lot of front crawl drills and a lot of trying to reduce stroke count.. which usually ended up meaning I kicked my legs more.. I was knackered by the end of it!

This affected my run the next day and I felt very tried and sluggish, my legs were very heavy. I did 3 runs this week as I wanted to, which is totally fine. I'll touch on them more in tomorrows Training Diary post. It's just a week to Run Hackney, it's crazy!
I found I was still reaching for the yoghurt a couple of times this week as they're pretty high in protein and tend to keep me fairly full. It could be better, but they have suited me this week. I have bought some tubs this week and I am tempted to make overnight oats so they're already made for the morning.

For lunches, I've been having soup and a roll to dip in, the soup has been a really nice change and quite warming as it's been fairly cold this week! What is with the weather btw! Why can't it make up it's mind!

Snacking was my downfall at the beginning of the week but I've nipped that in the bud towards the end of the week with tracking calories. The problem was that I wasn't tracking until after I got home so didn't realise how many calories I was eating in snacks. I track my food as I eat it now so I know exactly where I'm at and that seems to be working! Just got to keep at it!

I've posted 2 times this week, lucky you! My usual training diary, an update about weight and I've restarted my Monthly Stats post for keeping tabs on my progress. No Youtube video this week but that's because I've been trying to edit and failing horribly due to a headache, it will be posted tomorrow!

Training Diary // Run Hackney // Week 4 Recap
Time for an Update // Weight Gain
Monthly Stats // May '16 // New Start

This weeks favourite has to be Cully & Sully soup that I discovered this week whilst I was looking for something for lunch in Tesco!
It was actually pretty great! The whole tub came to around 200 or so calories, there's not many ingredients and it's full of flavour. I've tried 3 of the flavours that were in stock at Tesco but they have loads of other flavours on the website that I really want to try out! I love the Minty Pea flavour!

Here's a recap of last week:
- Early Starts - Surprisingly DONE
- Find my workout mojo again! - Mmm.. Not really.. I mean.. I've been running but cause I had to!
- Start tracking calories again! - DONE
- Make all necessary appointments/phone calls this week! - Almost DONE! Just one phone call still to make!

3 out of 4 aint bad. I got the most important things done that I needed to get done which is good. Getting up earlier wasn't too much trouble. I didn't find my mojo but I got it done anyway! You'll have seen from my previous two posts that I'm tracking calories again and it's been going OK. Phone calls all made bar one as I was waiting for info to come through. Not bad overall!

So.. this week:
- Hydrate! It'll be the week of Run Hackney and I need to make sure I'm hydrated ready for race day!
- Eat more fruit/veggies - I briefly touched on this in my last post, but I want to try and up the fruit and veggie intake and maybe sub some of my normal snacks for some fruit instead for a healthier option!

I don't have anymore bits to add for this week, I'll see how this week goes and assess at the end of this week as I've already made quite a few changes this week.

Question: Are you an early bird or a night owl? Have you ever tried overnight oats? What do you put with them?

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