Weekly Recap #2


This week has been a total mix! On one hand, some part of my week have been going well and meanwhile others have been really tough. Motivation has dwindled and I've not quite been myself this week. Read on to find out more..

I've had a swimming lesson and done 3 runs this week, nothing else. I was supposed to be doing a kettlebell workout but it never materialized. I've been struggling with motivation this week. Not just for home workouts but for running as well.

Unless it's a long run or I'm running with someone else, I struggle to get out of bed and go for a run and the motivation is transferring into my lack of other workouts. I need to find my workout mojo again, I used to enjoy doing the kettlebell workouts a few months back, I need to start doing them again!

Food has been much the same as last week. I've not changed my breakfasts, which I wanted to do last week. It's not that yoghurt is a bad thing for breakfast, I know a lot of people that have yoghurt for breakfast. However, I think I need something a bit more filling, I will probably go back to having porridge, I just need to get up earlier to make it!

For lunch, I've had a fair few of the Tesco Healthy Living meals. They're pretty decent, there's no wacky ingredients or anything like that and they're relatively low in calories and fat, something I've been trying to lower recently after some weight issues. I'll probably write another post on that.

I did have some leftover tuna and some avocado left last week and I decided to try something different. I had a Tuna and Avocado sandwich and it was pretty amazing! I had some tomatoes and peppers on the side too.

Dinners have been the same as they they were last week, usually veg, cous cous/rice and some sort of meat.

Blogging has been fairly rubbish this week! Other than this post, I've only posted once this week but I also put up a Youtube video so I suppose that's not too bad!

Training Diary // Run Hackney // Week 3 Recap
VLOG // 11 Mile Training Run

Tough one. I've enjoyed a lot of things this week. I think I'm gonna have to say an App this week and it's Snapchat! I joined snapchat probably a week or two ago and I've been loving it. It's a great way to keep up to date with what people are doing during the day and seeing parts of peoples days. I've been enjoying showing parts of my day, even though they tend to get a bit repetitive. I've also been having a lot of fun with the filters, messing about with my bestie and family members on private messages.

If you're on Snapchat, I'd love to add you! My snapchat is below if you're interested!

Here's a recap of last week:
- Write and publish at least 3 blog posts this week. FAIL
- Film 1 Video for this week to go live on Friday. DONE
- Change up breakfasts this week. Have something different. FAIL
- Start Kettle bell workouts. FAIL

Well, brilliant.. 1/4 this week. I had the best intentions going into this week and as I've said above, they just didn't materialise. I really need to get my sh*t together. 

Here's my to do for next week:
- Early Starts - Ideally up at 6:30AM but 7AM is totally fine.
- Find my workout mojo again!
- Start tracking calories again! - I usually hate doing this but I've a good reason for it and I'll explain in a post that will probably go live mid week.
- Make all necessary appointments/phonecalls this week! - Since I've been in such a funk, there's a couple of phone calls and appointments that I need to make that I haven't done and they're pretty important. Ring Bupa and sort out Medical Insurance for Gall Stones. Ring Doctors and book in for a blood test.

So, there's my week. Highs and Lows, mostly lows. I've got some important bits and pieces to sort out this week so I really want to make my to-do list a priority and get those done!

Keep an eye out for a blog post going up mid week, which will explain some of my struggles as of late.

Lets hope for a better week this week!

Question: Ever lose your workout/running mojo? How do you get it back? Do you use Snapchat? Tell me your username below! :)

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