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This has been a post that I should have done quite a while back but part of me was too stuck beating myself up about everything and part of me was too ashamed to even admit.

In reality, I'm not sure what the hell is going on, but I'm here to share it anyway in the hopes that it will lift some weight off my shoulders(I wish literally!) and just move on from the situation.
If you've been a reader for a long time, you'll probably remember my Monthly Stats posts where I shared my weight, progress pics and measurements each month. You'll probably also have seen that these posts haven't been around for the last god knows how long!

I'd mentioned in those posts a while back that I was really struggling with losing weight and I was up in weight since surgery. My last of those posts was back in July 2015 and I was sitting at 156 lbs(8 lbs up since surgery). I tried to not let it bother me too much.. for a while it actually didn't. I wasn't weighing myself very often and I was not letting a number on the scale define me too much, my clothes were fitting just fine and I was happy.

Then the holiday came this year and whilst I was swimming and walking daily, you don't exactly know what goes into the food and therefore I knew I needed to weigh myself when I got back and see where I was at. I was horrified by the number on the scale!

Just to give you a bit of background, I was around 148 lbs pre-surgery, like I mentioned, last July I was at 156 and I'm now hovering at around 163 lbs. That's a 15 lb difference since pre-surgery and it feels REALLY sh*t!

To be honest, I really don't know whats going on! You'll know that I'm training for a half marathon and I've trained for a half marathon prior to this one.. so it's not like I've just been sitting on my butt just eating all day, I've been doing the exercise. I've been eating healthier, reducing my portion sizes and seeing no difference. There is absolutely no way I've been eating over my maintenance calories, so I'm really struggling to wrap my head around the fact that I've put on 15 lbs.

Earlier this week, I decided to book in to get my bloods done to check out my Thyroid function. I'd read online that weight gain can be a symptom and can make it hard to lose weight. I've also been feeling really lethargic & tired, losing hair and feeling the cold a lot more, all symptoms too. I'm now just waiting on the results.

This probably sounds bad but part of me is hoping it's a thyroid issue as it would give me answers. If not.. well.. that's a different story which will probably give me a massive knock.

Either way, I will get some sort of answer I suppose.. and the reason I'm putting it on here is so that I can somehow keep myself accountable, whatever the outcome. I'm almost predicting it's going to be the latter, that nothing is wrong with my Thyroid and it's just my own doing. If so, it will be a kick up the arse to start making the effort again! I'm not sure what I am going to do in terms of getting the weight back off as I'm doing everything I did when I lost weight the first time.

I will be re-starting my monthly stats posts to keep myself accountable in this whole process and having a way to track my progress. That'll be going up on May 1st. I'll be religiously tracking my calories again, I'll continue running and swimming and getting back into home workouts and I will just have to try my hardest to shift this weight.. I'll obviously be updating on here with everything! I mean, this is the reason I started this blog in the first place!

So, that's it. Everything is out in the open. I really should have done this much sooner and maybe I could have nipped things in the bud before I'd gained as much as 15 lbs. If anyone has any experience with this, maybe you've been through similar or have any advice, please leave a comment!

Anyway! Onward and Upwards(or should I say downwards?!).

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  1. Putting on weight while training for longer distance races is really common. It genuinely is mainly muscle though. My clothes fitted much better after marathon training than before, but I was consistently up about half a stone after each marathon cycle. If your clothes are still comfy, don't worry about the number on the scales.

  2. @AHealthierMoo Yes! My OH said that some of it could be muscle with my swimming and running. My clothes don't feel tighter either considering I've gained 15 lbs. It's just really frustrating to see and scary having been through surgery to remove skin from prior weight loss and then I seem to be going in the opposite direction! I'm definitely not paying too much attention to the scales and more on the progress pics and measurements! :)

  3. I second going by measurements rather than weight - maybe write down a few tape measure figures and have a look at those in a month if you're worried about noticing changes?


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