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Disclosure: I received the April Spark & Gusto Subscription Box for free in return for an honest review. I am not being paid to talk about or advertise their products. All opinions of the product are my own.

don't know about you, but I love a good subscription box! I've had a fair few! I love trying out new brands and new products, so I've always thought that subscription boxes are a fab idea for doing just that!

There are loads of subscription boxes on the market, some can get a bit repetitive and seem to have the same concept, others can be unique in their idea. Since there's so many, they have to have something that entices you to pick them over the others.
Spark & Gusto is a new subscription box to the market and it's aimed at providing health, fitness and adventure products to those leading a healthier lifestyle. They don't just cover healthy snacks or just a certain sport, they try to cover everything and encourage you to be adventurous!

"We're called Spark & Gusto because we aim to provide the ideas and encouragement (that little spark), all you need to do is bring along the enthusiasm and energy (the gusto in this case)!

Each month we’ll send you a box filled with health, fitness and adventure inspired products to help you lead a healthier lifestyle and maybe inspire you to plan an adventure or two!

Alongside our healthy snacks and drinks, we also include accessories to inspire you to get out there and move!"

They have the option of monthly subscriptions, like any other boxes along with 3, 6 and 12 box plans that give discounts. Recently, they've also added the option to buy them as a one off! This originally wasn't an option when I first received my box and it was going to be one of my recommendations when writing my review, so I'm really glad they included this option!

The thing with subscription boxes, is that they can be quite expensive to have every single month, I know I can't afford them every single month and therefore most of the time I don't keep subscriptions. The option to buy them as a one off is a great idea, you can buy one every couple of months if and when you feel like it and you can even buy them for a friend/family member as a gift!

Single Boxes are £25 plus tracked P+P delivery (£4.50 per month). *Edited 20/4/2016 as subscription price changed.

I think that there should be a little bit more of a discount on the 3, 6, and 12 month boxes since there is such a commitment to pay up front! I personally wouldn't want to be tied in to a years subscription(for any subscription, not just this one!) and think that the one off single boxes they've made available are perfect! *Edit - Spark &Gusto have taken the multi-month subscriptions away and reduced the prices of their single boxes now.

A worry I have with Subscription Boxes is that the items in the box aren't equivalent to the amount you paid in the first place. I worked out the contents of the box for April roughly based off prices online and they were definitely worth more than the subscription which is re-assuring!

I was actually pretty excited to get into this months box. The great thing I like about Spark & Gusto is that they do not reveal the contents of the upcoming box as they like the products to be a surprise for the receiver! I personally love this but know that others may not like it!

Upon opening the box, there is a cool sticker with a fun instruction like 'Sit Ups 1 Minute, GO!', which I thought was pretty funny! Great way to earn the contents of your box!
So, I was pleasantly surprised with the contents for the April box, I'd heard of a product or two, heard of some brands but never tried their products and learnt about some new brands too which is always great!

The beanie was one of the first items that caught my eye! It's great quality and I've been wearing it on the cold mornings on the way to work, it's super comfortable and it's 'slouchy' looking. I have a big head and usually beanies don't fit me too well but this is super cute!

There were some food/drink items in the box, which I was OBVIOUSLY excited to try out.  There was CocoPro water which I've had before, it's lush! Real Handful fruit/nut mix which was delicious! Some FitBites, which I've never heard of before but they're before and after balls for workouts which is super convenient. There was also a Creative Nature Bar too, I've heard of the brand but not tried their products before so this was great to try out! There was also a Gu gel in chocolate peanut butter which sounds amazing! I haven't tried it yet but will be taking it out on a training run soon. I hope it's as good as it sounds!

Non foodie products included some hiking laces(the encouragement to go out and seek adventure!) which I thought was pretty cool. I don't have hiking boots currently but I know we will probably be doing a lot more walking in the summer so maybe I should invest in a good pair?

There was also a resistance band. I've never used resistance bands for workouts before so I was pretty intrigued to try this out, it's pretty good for warming up muscles pre-workout.
There was a pack of Flex Tape Kit which was interesting to see in the box. It's not something I can try out just yet as it's typically used when you need extra support or you have an injury - but I have used tape before when I was injured previously and it works wonders!

Last but not least was the Songbird Naturals cooling & soothing balm(similar to deep heat), which contains anti-inflammatory properties and is massaged into muscles to aid in recovery. I've tried it a couple of times after runs(particularly after long runs and when I have soreness) and it works great!

Overall Thoughts
I think that there's a great range of products in the box which would cover a good range of people that are interested in health and fitness. Everything in the box is something that I have already used or will make use of in the near future, which is great!

As I mentioned earlier, I would much prefer to get a one off box than pay up front for a subscription and I think that the one off purchase boxes will be a popular option for most!

I'm very interested in seeing what Spark & Gusto offers in the future. I've seen on their website that there are requests for sizes for different items like arm bands, t-shirts and socks - so that's pretty exciting to know that there are other items of clothing and accessories that could come in the box!

Where to find Spark & Gusto?
Company no longer exists so no links provided(Updated: 10/03/18)

Question: Have you ever tried a subscription box before? What do you look for in a subscription box? Would you be interested in trying Spark & Gusto?

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