The Importance of Sports Bras + Fitting Tips!


Disclosure: I received an Anita Sports Bra from boobydoo for free in return for an honest review. I am not being paid to talk about or advertise their products. All opinions of the product are my own.

Next to running shoes, if not actually more important.. for a woman at least.. is to have a good sports bra for when you're working out!

Whether you're doing light activities like Yoga or high impact activities like running, you need to make sure you're equipped with a sports bra(and a great fitting one at that, but more on that later!) to support your breasts, not only to prevent the pain of them bouncing around, but also to prevent premature sagging!

Did you know?!
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Crazy right?! I was shocked with the first two facts. I could not imagine NOT wearing a sports bra when running - I've worn a less supportive bra running once before and it hurt pretty bad!

Why should you wear a sports bra?
You need to prevent damage to the Coopers Ligament - The Coopers Ligament is tissue in your breast that keeps  your breasts uplifted and perky. Damage to the Coopers Ligament can cause your breasts to sag if you don't wear a sports bra and this is often irreversible(unless you get surgery).

Stop pain & discomfort during exercise - As I said, I can't imagine not working out without a sports bra. I have been gifted(by genes I guess?) with a larger chest(further enhanced now by the fact that I had a breast augmentation) and it can NOT do breasts any good if they're bouncing around and not supported! I'm sure that goes for smaller breasts too!

Breasts move up to 14 cm during a workout which can be extremely uncomfortable! Wearing a sports bra(with a correct fit!) can increase your efficiency and enjoyment. A good sports bra reduces movement by up to 83%! Less pain, more gain!

Prevent long-term injuries and strain to the shoulders & back - Women with larger breasts often complain of strains to shoulders and back. A well engineered, supportive sports bra can take away the strain. A high to extreme impact sports bra can ensure maximum support during exercise.

However, Sports bras aren't just for exercising! Wearing a sports bra during the day can further ensure great breast health and minimize pain.

Fitting Tips - Find the perfect fit for your sports bra!
So, you now know all the reasons why you should wear a sports bra but it's just as important to make sure it fits right! If your sports bra doesn't fit correctly, it can be uncomfortable or may not be providing you with maximum support. So, here are a few tips to finding your perfect fit!

Band The band should be firm fitting and lie straight across your back on the loosest hook and eye fastening(so you can tighten to next hook as the bra stretches out).

If the band is riding up or you suffer from the straps digging in, go down a band size(if you do this, go up a cup size).

If the band is too tight, difficult to fasten or you have spillage around the band, go up a band size(if you do this, go down a cup size)

Cup - The cups should encase all of your breast tissue, there should be no spillage from any direction! It should sit flush against your skin with a smooth transition between the sports bra to chest.

If you experience spillage or the bra sits away from the breast bone, then the cups are too small and it is recommended to go up a cup size.

If the cups are gaping or you experience chafing under the armpits, then the cup size is too big and it is recommended that you go down a cup size.

If you're still unsure on your sports bra size, there are more helpful tips on fitting and choosing the right sports bra on the boobydoo website. The next best place would be to go to a store that sells sports bras that will be able to help fit you in the right size.

Laura! What sports bra are you wearing?!
I have always been a Shock Absorber fan(MultiSport Bra) for the longest time. I still use them and highly recommend them as they're a brilliant sports bra brand. They're a compression style bra and everything is compressed down and secure, so there's minimal bounce.

However, recently I've been trying out the Anita Extreme Control Sports Bra. I'd never heard of the brand until it came highly recommended from the boobydoo team. boobydoo is known for being the UK's biggest range of sports bras, they have tonnes of different brands and types to choose from! Lets just say I trust their recommendations! ;)

The Anita Extreme is a high impact sports bra and features pique fabric and breathable mesh to keep you dry.

The bra itself is made up of three sections for the cup with crescent shaped side support. It has a really feminine shape(compared to my SA which just flattens everything!). The cups are seamless so there's less chance of chafing at the seams and it has ergonomically shaped straps with padding to prevent shoulder/neck pain.

I've been swapping this bra with my usual shock absorber's and it provides pretty much exactly the same amount of support and I'm thoroughly impressed!

I was a little concerned it wouldn't provide as much support as my SA, the back of the sports bra looks like a normal bra compared to my SA that has two different fastenings, but it's been a fantastic bra. I will definitely be checking out the other bra's from Anita!

REMEMBER: The advice in this post is for ALL breast sizes! Both larger busts and smaller busts are susceptible to sagging and it's SO important to make sure you're wearing a supportive sports bra for physical activity!

Question: What is your favourite brand of sports bra?

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  1. I've been gifted with a generous chest myself, so I can't imagine exercising without a sports bra. I'll check out your suggestions :)

  2. Always the Shock Absorber Multisport. I dabbled with their Run bras for a while but they were just a bit too complicated to put on - and take off especially when they are sweaty (TMI?!) I'm astounded that 44% don't wear one...I literally cannot do anything without them strapped down!


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