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Disclosure: I received a pair of Salomon X Celerate 2 GTX Trail Shoes from Intersport for free in return for an honest review. I am not being paid to talk about or advertise their products. All opinions of the product are my own.
Recently, I've been getting bored of doing the same running routes all the time. In the town I live in, there aren't that many places to run and I end up having to do the same route and the same places over and over. Eventually, it becomes tiresome, boring and doesn't motivate me to go out and run.

Not too long ago, I made the decision to start doing Park Runs(They're brilliant! If you haven't tried one, I would highly recommend it!). It was a way for me to switch up my runs and run somewhere different for a change. I started at Cambridge park run and have more recently started to branch out, be more adventurous and try different park runs.. in turn becoming a park run tourist!

I fell in love with Brandon ParkRun. It is a mixture of woodland trail and canopy of mixed forest and it's beautiful. However! When it rains, it can get quite muddy and slippery as I found out but then the Salomon X Celerate 2 GTX trail shoes came in.
The X Celerate 2 GTX shoes are being sold exclusively by Intersport. To celebrate the launch of the shoe, I was given the opportunity to try out a pair and it's been perfect timing with all the storms and gloomy weather we've been having!

The X Celerate 2 GTX are city trail shoes which means that they're built for running on a combination of terrain including both pavements and trails - Ideally, it can be for those that need to run on the pavements/roads in order to reach a trail route.

I've never owned a pair of trail shoes before, since we don't really have many trail routes close by but these shoes have been my go to shoe for Brandon trails and it's actually encouraged me to be adventurous with running and find some new, fun routes - we're planning on travelling to Wimpole which is supposed to be another great trail like park run, I'm pretty excited! and I'm sure there are many more trail routes near by that we can go to and have some fun!

The shoes have been great thus far, there hasn't been a break in period with the shoes, I've not had any blisters or sore bits anywhere from running in the shoes.
The soles have plenty of grip which is to be expected with a pair of trail shoes, they have Contragrip technology designed to provide stability and support on runs of different terrain, I've had no trouble in muddy areas, which is fab and stops me having a mini heart attack when I slip in the mud! ;)

The shoes are also surprisingly very light(compared to the shoes I'm currently running in) and they're waterproof too! The Gore-tex(GTX) keeps your feet nice and dry, meaning you can jump and run through as many puddles as you want(release your inner child!) and your feet don't get soggy and wet!

They also have a quick lace/lock lace system installed which I'm already familiar with as I use them on my normal running shoes. Once the lace is secured, the extra lace can be sucked into a pocket on the back of the shoe tongue!
So, Intersport and Salomon are encouraging runners to "discover your city". For people like me, who are tired of pounding the pavement and want inspiration for a different type of run, you can now explore City Trail's developed by Salomon guides.You can find guides HERE.

So, if you feel the same and you're tired of running the same route all the time, why not try something different? Make every run an adventure! Go and explore somewhere new, find a new park, bridleway or even a trail - if you've never ran on a trail before, I highly recommend it, it's so much fun!
One of the trails at Brandon Country Park - It's absolutely beautiful!
Question: Are you an adventurer on your runs or a creature of habit and stick to the same routes?  Have you ever ran along a trail?

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  1. I stick to the same routes! I like to know how many miles I'm doing and I also like to stick to safe routes. I would love to try some trail runs at some point though. I love it when running shoes are light weight!

    Corinne x

  2. Look great on you,now I want to try them also !Thank's for sharing!

  3. Love the colour of those shoes!
    I'm very much an adventure runner. The best runs are out on the trails, running through mud and up and down hills with friends!
    I went to the Wimpole park run a couple of years ago on a hen do. I ended up taking photos rather than running though as I had my first ultra a few days later. It's on my radar to get to one day though!


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