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Welcome back for the second installment of my runners gift guide. In this post, I'm sharing some of the more expensive gifts for runners. I've tried to share different price ranges for gifts based on things I've used myself and items that I know come highly recommended from friends and family.

I hope that this post gives some of you some ideas for presents for runners. I tried to keep it gender neutral so that there are options for gifts for both male and female!

Medal Holder This was definitely the firs thing to put on my list! I LOVE my medal holder and it's a great way for me to show my achievements. There's nothing sweeter than earning a medal from a race and being able to put it up and be proud of rather than tucking it away in a box.

Medal holders range in price, there are all sorts of medal holders out there including ones that allow you to display bib numbers too!
I own a medal holder from: Running Memories

Headphones -  There are lots of choices for running headphones around. I've had trial an error with different headphones to get ones that suit me best and that DONT fall out whilst you're running.

Depending on your budget, there's different options to choose from, here are a few recommendations, some of which I've personally used and love.
Low Budget: Yurbuds*
Mid Budget: Yurbuds Explore Pro*Monster iSport
High Budget: AfterShokz(currently using and LOVE), Jabra

Running Shoes - Shoes are basically one of the most important pieces that a runner needs as part of their kit(apart from a sports bra for ladies). It's important when you start out running or if you've been running for a while, to make sure you have the correct shoes.

It's a good idea for runners to have a gait analysis to determine this. You can be a neutral runner, you might under or over pronate.

Whilst I don't advise that you go out and pick a pair of shoes for your runner(unless of course you know what they already wear), I think a gift voucher to stores/online stores where they can purchase their favourite running shoes is a great idea!
Favourite Online RetailersSports ShoesRunners NeedWiggleSweatshop

Running Watches/TrackersAlthough not totally necessary, as there are app trackers.. A lot of runners like the ability to look at or track their run as they're doing it. A tracker/running watch watch can help with this and there are LOADS to choose from! Below are a few I know come highly recommended:
Low Budget: I Got U Foot Pod*
Mid Range: Garmin Forerunner 10
High Range: Garmin Forerunner 620(I own this and love it!), Tom Tom Runner 2 Cardio

Running AccessoriesThere are lots of different accessories that runners could want/need for Christmas ranging from gloves/hat set, running belt, compression socks - the possibilities are endless and they're all needed at one point or another.

Running Belt - A product I can't recommend enough is a Flipbelt! Its a circular belt that goes round your waist/hips that can hold everything you need for your run! It is made of stretchy material so holds most(if not all) phones and there's no bouncing around, it's fab!

Compression socks - these can come in handy for some runners, you usually see runners wearing them during races or after races for recovery. Except, they can be quite expensive, so they would be perfect as a gift.  There's different brands out there to choose from and you also need to make sure you get the right size for your runner.
Favourite brands for compression socks: OS1stSKINS

Race Entry -  A voucher or paying for your runners favourite race company is always a good option for a Christmas gift.  Race entries can be quite expensive, so a voucher to put towards a race entry, I'm sure would always be appreciated!

A few popular race organizers are VitalityGreat Run and Human Race - however, there are many more, it's a good idea to check the type of races they usually enter! :)


So, that's it for my runners Christmas Gift Suggestions! I really hope someone found this helpful if you're struggling for what to buy. If you missed it, I also did a gift guide with Runners Stocking Fillers, so if you missed that, you can find that HERE.

Question: Tell me what would be your most wanted running gift?

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  1. I can never get anything to stay in my ears. It looks like I need to ask for some high budget ear buds :-)


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