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This week feels like it's flown by! I've been busy with work, busy at home and always seem to have something going on! I suppose it's a good thing to be busy, otherwise days  just drag, but I'm not a good time manager so it can make me quite stressed out. So, what happened this week?
Running -  I ran 4 times this week which I'm happy with. 3 runs were on plan with my training for this week and as per.. one run didn't go exactly to plan which is slightly annoying!

I feel as though I've not taken my training as seriously this time round, probably because I know I can do the distance, whereas with a HM, it's  a little tougher on the body to go a further distance. At the end of the day, it can only blame myself when I don't get the time I hoped for.. so maybe I'll take shorter race training a little more seriously next time. I'll have a post going up tomorrow as usual with my training diary for this week so keep an eye out.

Swimming - I went swimming twice again this week - I was hoping for a third but I forgot I had a dentist appointment on the day I was supposed to go so that kind-of scuppered my plans!

My swimming lessons for the last few weeks have been SO hard, but I feel like I've progressed more. My usual swimming coach hasn't been there for the lessons and we've had various other people take over from the class. They all have their different ways of teaching and things that they think we should work on. We've been focusing a lot more on technique and stamina the last couple of weeks.

I've been alot more comfortable in the water, my breathing hasn't been as panicked or out of breath and I'm taking a lot shorter breaks in between lengths. I just need to slow down instead of trying to go as fast as I can to get to the other side.

My other swimming session was just pure annoying. As I've mentioned several times before, I go swimming after a run on a weds. This session is supposed to be 'Swim for Fitness' but it seems that this session becomes more of a session for people to get into the pool and talk rather than swim and it's so annoying! They are taking up the end of the pool which I usually use to push off the wall which means I have to turn around before the end of the pool and it's more time consuming.
Obviously, there's not much I can do about it.. but it just really frustrates me that people are actually swimming for fitness and others just don't care!

Food and Eating habits have still been going well this week at work but they've slightly been slipping at home - there are just far too many treats at home after Halloween(I haven't been buying them!). When treats are everywhere in sight when you go to the kitchen, it takes some substantial willpower to resist them. Whilst I know that you can have anything in moderation, there is a limit. I've spent this weekend sorting out the kitchen and putting away said items so that they aren't in sight. That way I won't be tempted to pick that over a healthier option.

Other than the occasional picking on some junk - everything has been going well and I've been having balanced meals. Still feeling full very quickly during meals - so I've been having smaller portions so that I don't end up wasting food that I don't eat.

So mostly positive on this front!

Plan For Next Week
Woooomp! I didn't get any other workouts this week. I won't be trying to attempt to start next week purely because I've not done one in quite a while, so I reckon that DOMS will be a total b*tch and I really don't need that before a race(my DOMS tend to last longer than usual so I'm not taking any chances in hopes it goes before race day!).

I will be tapering for race week next week - so I will probably stop running weds/thurs, I haven't quite decided yet. I do want to make sure that I swim again sometime after my last run/before race - most likely Friday evening after work.

Other than that, I just want to make sure I'm fully prepared for the race - keep my meals balanced, drink plenty of water to keep my body hydrated - all the usual!

That's it! Lets have a great week, shall we?!

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Question: Have you ever been annoyed by people not sticking to swimming lane etiquette or talking instead of swimming?

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