Sum It Up.. Sunday!


Om my GOSH! I've been so incredibly busy this week! We were missing two team members at work this week, so I had double the work load that I usually have - it's meant a lot of later nights in the office which completely threw things off this week.
Running -  I actually ran 4 times this week and most of them were shorter runs. You may recall in my recap for the WestRun that I mentioned that my quad was niggling. I had a fair bit of DOMS at the beginning of the week which eased, but I've been left with a soreness/twinge in both my quads. 

Every time I squat down or stand up from a chair - I feel as though I'm going to pull a muscle and it's not a very nice feeling! So I've been trying to keep mileage down somewhat.

I did go for a 4 mile run yesterday and it was one of the most horrible runs I've ever done. It was VERY cold out, windy and it was raining. All of that combined made it absolutely disgusting to run in. I thought I'd be OK in shorts and a jacket and I was totally wrong. My legs were numb when I got home and I couldn't stop shaking after having a shower. Never again!
Amber was SO not impressed! She didn't want any pictures! She just wanted to go inside! xD
Swimming - Just the one swim this week. I was supposed to go on Friday after work - but like I mentioned earlier, I've been staying later at work this week and I just couldn't get to the pool for the slot I wanted, so it took a back seat this week.

Food has been alittle hit and miss this week. It's been so busy and stressful at work that my eating habits have not been the best. Stress never goes down well for me and it's definitely something I need to learn to control. I have been tracking this week however, so I know exactly what I've been taking in. Thus far, I haven't been over my maintenance calories so thats good, I'd just ideally like to create a bit of a deficit through workouts/exercise and those calories I won't eat back.

In theory, I should be expending more than I'm taking in to create a calorie deficit which means that I should see a movement on the scale. I guess we will see what happens next week. Everything will be back to normal at work - so it should be back to normal for me too!

Plan For Next Week
So, I made a list last week for what I planned on doing, I said that they would obviously not all happen straight away, but I'd try to atleast start them.

Plans were slightly scuppered this week, but some did actually happen, so I'm quite pleased. Here's a recap of what I want to acheive:
Keep up my routine of running 4 times a week
Swim twice a week
Start kettlebells/home workouts
Get Up Earlier/Go to bed earlier

I did manage to run 4 times this week and I was actually getting up earlier and going to bed earlier. Partly because of being busy at work and being absolutely knackered after I got back.. but it was still a routine of some sort, so that's good!

I should be able to get in at extra swim on Friday this week which will be good - depending on whether the pool is busy, I think I'll try and focus some more on front crawl and try to slow down more and get control of my breathing. Fingers Crossed there's no chatty people in the pool!

I do want to start kettlebells/home workouts this week and I'm actually going to dig out my heart rate monitor so I can try and roughly see what I'm burning during exercise. Strength training( or in my case, kettlebells and home workouts since I dont have a gym membership) - comes highly recommended for running and is supposed to really benefit runners performance, so it's definitely something I want to work on!

With all that in mind, I feel like this week is going to be a good week and I'm ready to get going!


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