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Happy Sunday, Everyone! Hope you've all had a great week. This week has actually been another great for me. I managed to stay on track with both eating and training, so I'm very happy!
Running -  I ran 4 times this week and I've gotten back on track with training for the most part. I was also a park run tourist this week and we traveled to a new park run to see what it was like and whether it was better than Milton Park Run that we've been doing. It was pretty great! I really enjoyed the woodland scenery and it was much less busy than Cambridge.

I'll have my training diary recap go up tomorrow so you can find out more about my runs for this week.

Swimming - I went swimming twice this week. I went once for my lesson on Monday. I was knackered after the lesson by the time I'd finished. We've been working on Stamina a lot recently as we all seem to be struggling with it. So we're doing a lot of work with boards/floats at the moment and we're working on arms and legs separately to focus on proper technique before trying both together.

I'm slowly noticing a difference with my swimming - especially in my lesson on Monday. I felt a lot more relaxed and was less out of breath after doing a length - which is better than nothing!

My other swim this week was after a 5 mile run and I just took it really slowly on this one as I was pretty knackered. I'm quite confident with my Breast Stroke now so it feels pretty easy to me and that's a massive improvement to how I was a year ago!

Just got to keep at it! The more I get in the pool to work on technique, the better I will get(hopefully!)

Food has been good again this week. There has still been a massive difference in my eating habits since the cleanse. I'm not as hungry, not snacking as much, if at all and I'm finding that I get full quite quickly.

I've been having a bigger gap in between meals as I've just not been hungry and really dont see the point in eating for the sake of eating. The only problem I'm now facing is that the later I have my lunch - the more likely I am to not want much to eat in the evenings after I get back to work. Phillip usually has dinner cooked and ready for me when I get back from work and I've been finding that I'm not up to eating that much after I get back and I don't want to have Phillip wait longer to have something to eat.

I'm thinking of having breakfast earlier in the morning meaning that I will get hungry at around lunch time and hopefully everything will even out again. We'll see this week! :)

Plan For Next Week
Despite having a plan to start kettlebell workouts again this week, it just didn't go ahead and I actually don't have a reason.. other than maybe the fact that I slept in on the Monday. I have been running and swimming this week though so I've had my fair share of exercise this week which is completely fine.

I just need to MAKE time to get in another workout. I think I'd really benefit from some strength training/weights workouts to help improve my running but I just never get round to it.

Maybe I can get up a bit earlier this week to fit in the extra time - though, it's SO hard getting up in the mornings when it's cold and you're in a warm bed! :( I just gotta do it!

Have a great week everyone!
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Question: Do you struggle with waking up/working out in the mornings when it's starts getting colder? Any tips for just getting up and getting it done?

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