Christmas Gift Guide // Stocking Fillers for Runners!


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Oh Gosh! Hasn't this year come round quick? It'll be the first of December tomorrow and I most of you have already been thinking of gifts for loved ones in your life.

I did a Gift Guide series last year for runners, yogi's, foodies and just a general health and fitness guide, if you want to have a read of those, then check them out HERE.

I'm doing things a little different this year. I'm including this gift guide which will be stocking fillers for runners along with a gift guide containing gifts for runners in different price ranges, low, mid and high range(where necessary!)

So, for this Stocking Filler Gift Guide, I tried to stay with gifts that were around £10 or less(obviously ideal for putting in stockings).
Feetures Socks - I've been using these for quite a while now and love them. You can get different cushioning and different styles of socks, but they're great, provide plenty of cushioning and support and most importantly, they don't slip down my damn foot as I run!
Find them here: Feetures, Amazon*

Event Clips - For those that loathe having safety pins, sometimes having them come undone, losing them and even putting holes in your t-shirts/tops. I discovered this quite a while back and they're fab! They're basically just clips for your race bibs and all they create is a little dimple in your shirt that comes out in the wash.
Find them here: Event Clips

Lock Laces - I've been using these for years! I used to struggle with either tying my shoes too tight, too loose or even having them come undone on a run, all of which are the worst! I've never looked back from lock laces and won't wear trainers unless they have them now. They're easy to install, easy to adjust and you won't have laces come undone mid run/race!
Find them here: Amazon*

Deep Heat Massage Roller Ball - I've been using this quite recently and it's so good! It's deep heat in the form of a roller ball application which means that you almost get a massage at the same time whilst you're applying the deep heat. It's great for loosening up tight muscles or warming up your muscles prior to a run.
Find them here: Deep Heat Where to Buy

Lighting - I wrote a post on lighting very recently and everyone should know the importance of being seen whilst running in the dark, so why not get some lights to keep your runner safe? There's a bunch of different types from Light Spurs to clip on strobe lights and they're quite cheap too.
Find them here: Amazon*

Massage Stick - I actually have a massage stick and it's great for getting more direct application for massaging different parts of the body. Back when I was injured, I used this as I actually struggle to balance and support myself using a normal foam roller. This was a fab alternative and it's also great for travel too if you need to foam roll whilst away but don't have the space to fit a big foam roller!
Find them here: Amazon*

Energy Gels - You can't go wrong with some running gels - most runners use them during training and for races too so they will always come in handy. There are loads of different brands available for running gels - if you know what your runner already uses, it's a good idea to stick to them(as not all gels agree with runners!). If they've never used gels before, it might be a good idea to go with a well known brand like Shot Bloks, Sis Gels or Gu.
Find them here: Sweatshop, Runners Need, Wiggle

Training Diary/Journal - I know a lot of runners that like to pre-plan runs and also keep track of what their mileage is and all their statistics. I'm totally aware of the fact that this information can be found online the majority of the time - but I do know some people that would prefer to have things written down, be able to record their own information and feelings and this might be a great one for them.
Find them here: There's a few different types of running journals available online, I found some HERE*HERE* and HERE*.

Hair Spiral Toggles - Probably just one for the ladies, unless of course there's some men reading that have long hair! Spiral Hair Toggles have been a god send. They're very stretchy, but yet non-slip and NO SNAG hair toggles to keep your hair out of your face. When you've finished getting all sweaty, there's no fight to try and un-tie your hair afterwards and no pulling out your hair!
Find them here: Boots, Sweaty Betty


I hope the above stocking filler ideas are helpful to some that are looking for smaller gifts for runners!

I'm compiling lists together of gift ideas for yogis, fitness junkies and foodies too which I'll try to get out ASAP so people have enough time to buy gifts for people where necessary! Please let me know if you'd be interested in these or any others you might like me to cover!

Question: What types of small gifts would you love to receive in your stocking for Christmas?

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  1. how have I never heard of event clips!!
    Snagging a bunch for my sister for Hanukkah!

  2. @carla birnberg Great! Glad I could be of help, they're a great staple for race kit! :)


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