Winter is Coming! and so is the Winter Run Series!


Winter is definitely coming, it's getting colder, the nights are darker and for some, going out for a run or doing a race become few and far between! People would much prefer to stay in bed on a cold morning than get dressed and go out to face the cold, myself included sometimes!

I always find that having a race to train for during the colder months helps me stay motivated to get out for my runs rather than staying inside. This year will be no different. I've got a few races planned up to the end of the year so that I have a reason to keep going out for a run!

At the beginning of this year, I took part in London Winter Run. The race was fantastic, running through the streets of London, passing major landmarks along the way, complimentary polar bear hugs at the end of the race and a fantastic medal too! (Read my race recap HERE).
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This year, the Winter Run Series(Updated: 10/03/18 - they aren't doing the manchester event this anymore) has expanded! There are two more locations added for next year making 3 Winter Runs in total!

Liverpool Winter Run - 17th January
London Winter Run - 31st January
Manchester Winter Run - 28th February

Whether you're a seasoned runner who might use a 10k as part of training for a bigger event or a beginner; there's still PLENTY of time to train! the Winter Run is perfect for anyone!

I'll be doing the Winter Run again this year in London as it will tie in nicely for some training over winter before diving into some Half Marathon's again next year.

So, If you're looking for a race during the winter, or just something to keep you motivated to get out and keep running during the colder months, then I'd definitely recommend signing up to this!

Watch this if you need convincing more ;)

You can also use the code SIMPELLE to get £3 off your race entry!
Let me know if you sign up!

Question: Do you struggle for motivation during the winter months? Are you a fair weather runner?

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  1. Absolutely love the medal! Wish I lived closer to London sometimes.


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