WestRun London // Training Diary - The Plan


We're back for another training diary! I mentioned in a few posts back that I would be starting these again and they seem to be quite popular - so I think it's something that I'll do from now on when I'm training for races.

I'll tune in every Monday and update everyone with my training and what I've done run wise that week.
As you can probably already tell from the picture above, I'll be training for the Vitality WestRun London which is a 10k - It's on the 15th of November this year and it's their first one so I'm pretty excited to take part!

I haven't got a particular plan for this - I can't actually find a plan that caters for my needs as such - so I'm just going with what I think I should do. As I can already run a 10k without much of an issue, I don't really need a plan that starts from a beginner level.

I'd prefer to have a plan that is used for getting faster - but 6 week training plans for speed don't seem to be very popular from what I've seen thus far - if you know of a plan that does cover this, let me know! I'd be interested to see it!

So, I'll be doing 4 runs per week like I did for my Great North Run training. My run schedule each week will consist of an easy 3 miler, a long run(5-6 miles and probably an 8+ twice during training to keep my HM mileage). I also want to include an Interval/Fartlek run and a Tempo/Hill run. The only thing I'm not sure of - is what order to do the runs in - but I'll figure that out based on how this week goes.

In between run days, I'll do some cross training/swimming to help with weight loss and gaining some strength -  which is always a bonus for running!

I'll probably have a defined plan by next week when I do my Week 1 recap - then I can share from then on what runs I'll be doing in the following weeks.

Whats the Goal?
I'm currently running 10:30 ish min/mi and my PB for a 10k is 1:05:10. It would be amazing to beat this time. I don't know how long it takes to make any sort of progress with regards to speed - but I've got 6 weeks to train my butt off and I'd like to get my min/mi pace closer to 10 - I don't know if it's possible, but I'll try my best! :)

I think losing a bit of weight will also help with speed too. Carrying extra weight when running does not help me at all - so I'm working on that!


So, I think I've just about covered everything for training, I'll get a plan written up so that people can get a feel for the type of schedule that I'm going for and it will also help me keep on track with what I'm doing for training for the next week. There's nothing worse than NOT knowing what runs you'll be doing and leaving everything till last minute!

Check in next Monday for an update on my first week of training! :D

Entries are still open for the WestRun London if you're interested! You can find out more about the run and the route HERE(WestRun London no longer exists. Updated: 10/03/18).

Question: Are you training for anything? Whats your favourite event to train for?

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  1. A brand new event sounds really exciting! Hope your training goes well :) I need to get my bum in gear as I have signed up to do the Cracker 10k in Weston-super-Mare in December. I am totally out of running so need to start from scratch (eek!).

  2. @Steph Thanks honey! It shouldn't take you too long to get back into it. The earlier you start though the better :) I'm sure you'll do great though! :) Good Luck! x


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