Sum It Up.. Sunday!


Happy Sunday, Everyone! I hope everyone has had an amazing week. I'm back for another weekly recap, let me get straight into telling you about how my week went :)
Running -  I ran 4 times this week - I've started training again, as many of you probably already know. I did a post on Monday about training for the WestRun London 10K. I'll be putting a post up tomorrow as part of my training diary series, so keep an eye out for that!

Swimming - I went swimming twice this week - It's been two weeks since I last did a swim lesson so it was nice to be back to doing lessons - at the same time, I don't miss the time I have to go in(9:30pm!). The lesson went well, I managed to keep up with everyone else in the lesson - but I'm still struggling with Stamina with my Front Crawl - I have no issues with Breast Stroke - but front crawl kills me!

It's so frustrating that I am able to run considerable distances like half marathons but I'm still not capable of being able to swim more than two lengths before I have to stop and catch my breath. I've been doing swimming lessons for quite a while now and I would have thought I'd be able to swim further by now. :/

I really tried with  food this week! I've been having healthy snacks this week, including fruit, yogurts, I've had some cracker bread with Prutella and nakd bars! For lunch I was having salads and we were having really balanced healthy dinners this week which has been great!
Aldi Chia & Oat Crispbread with MuscleFood Prutella, Delicious!
However, I weighed myself towards the end of the week as I know I've been really good with food and exercise and wanted to see whether anything was happening on the scale. What I saw was SO disappointing! I was expected to be down in weight this week - instead, I'd gained weight! I know that it's probably water retention but it was so demoralizing.

I've not let it affect my mood or food choices too much. I'd really just like to throw my scale away, but I know that's not the answer. I'd love to just NOT step on the scale at all, but I know that wont happen either. So, instead, I'll just have to get on with it, like always. Suck it up, buttercup!

Plan For Next Week
I said I wanted to focus on getting my eating back under control since my holiday the other week. I did that this week, which I'm happy about - I'm starting to get back into a routine which is great and at least I'm not hungry all hours of the day anymore!

I didn't get round to doing any other types of workouts this week - it just slipped my mind and I had other priorities this week. I've got my training plan sorted for my 10k, so I know what days I'm running and what days I'm not, so now I will be able to do some cross training on the off days.

I'm hoping that re-introducing some kettlebells and body weight workouts won't affect things too much with running. I know all too well that when I haven't done something for a while, I tend to get some major DOMS from using muscles that I haven't used for a while... I'm just hoping it's not too bad! If it it.. I'll just have to suck it up and run anyway. As long as its sore and not painful, it should be totally fine to keep running :)

Here's a couple of my posts that have gone up in the last few weeks since I did my last Sum It Up.. Sunday, maybe you missed them:
WestRun London // Training Diary - The Plan

Question: Can you swim Front Crawl? Any tips for having the stamina for swimming more than a couple of lengths without stopping? Any help appreciated!

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