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For full disclosure purposes, I received a pack of CurraNZ capsules for free in return for an honest review. I am not being paid to talk about or advertise their products. All opinions of the product are my own.
Way back in May, after I'd finished my second half marathon, Run Hackney, I was approached by CurraNZ and asked whether I wanted to try out their supplement capsules. I'd heard and seen of CurraNZ through UKRunChat and their twitter chats on a Sunday - so I already knew a little bit about them.

CurraNZ is a 100% natural sports & health supplement capsule, made from concentrated, highly nutritious New Zealand blackcurrants.

Here's more about CurraNZ, quoted from their website:
"Scientists have long been hailing the properties of berries for their protective, health-giving properties. New Zealand blackcurrants have been found to have one of the highest-ever recorded level of nutrients found in berries, particularly polyphenolic compounds called anthocyanins

Science has shown the anthocyanins in CurraNZ blackcurrants work on many levels in the body and may have great potential for human health. They may increase blood flow, protect blood vessels, are anti-inflammatory and help counteract the highly damaging effects of oxidative stress.

A recent discovery in the scientific community, New Zealand blackcurrants have been shown they may reduce muscle soreness from exercise and promote endurance, making it a valuable supplement for active people."

A new recent discovery from CurraNZ has shown that taking a daily dose of the blackcurrant extract can help you burn a third more fat whilst exercising according to new studies. The studies had shown that CurraNZ increases fat oxidation by up to 27% in short and long duration exercise tests at low and moderate intensities. It also spares carbohydrates by up to 11.5%.

So, on top of CurraNZ being able to delay the rise of lactate and the onset of fatigue during exercise, it now shown to have some pretty impressive fat burning properties which obviously come in a lot of handy for when you're exercising!

You can read more sports performance research on CurraNZ HERE- there's also an article HERE on the fat burning properties.

I was intrigued by the benefits of the capsules, so I was excited to try them to see whether they would have any affects on my running during training.

So, How did I get on with CurraNZ?
I had a great experience with CurraNZ. I used them for running(specifically long runs and races). I've been using them for the last 12 weeks(for all of my half marathon training). My long runs are always on a Sunday. So, as instructed, I took CurraNZ 3 days leading up to my long run/race and 2 hours before my run.
Based on runs from my previous half marathon training compared to the half marathon training I just completed, there's been a significant difference!

The most significant difference that I noticed since I started taking the capsules was eased muscle soreness - especially towards the end of my half marathon training when the mileage was anything over 9 miles. Previously - I would start to get muscle soreness in my thighs towards the end of a long run and I would have some pretty spectacular DOMS the next few days after a run.

After I'd finished Run Hackney, I remember having some horrible DOMs the days after. This time round, when I took the capsules the few days leading up to Great North Run - I didn't experience the same DOMS days after and this has also been noticed by my colleagues at work - they reminded me that the last time I did a half marathon - I was hobbling around at work - and this time, I didn't seem to be too phased by the whole thing.

The day after Great North Run - I had very slight DOMS in my upper thighs, almost too insignificant to mention. The same thing was seen during the last few weeks of my training on my long runs where I would usually get DOMS.

The next difference I noticed was delayed fatigue. When I compare how far I could run before my legs were fatigued, it's quite a difference. Prior to taking the capsules, I would get to about 6-7 miles before I started to feel totally fatigued and in need of a walking break.

Since taking CurraNZ, I can run much longer/further before experiencing any kind of fatigue. I ran a 10 miler at my parents back on August bank holiday weekend and the whole thing felt like a breeze with no stops for walking.

For Run Hackney - I took several walk breaks from about 7 miles on wards. On Great North Run, I managed to run the WHOLE thing without having to stop at all! Sure - my legs were fatigued, but I didn't stop to walk, where I would have done prior.

Coupled with delayed fatigue, was also increased energy levels leading up to and including the run. I noticed I had more energy on my long runs/races - I was able to push myself harder and my long runs didn't feel as hard as they used to - I specifically noticed this on my 7.5 mile Monster Racing Team Tri that I did a couple of weeks back. I had more energy and ran faster than I usually would without too much of a struggle and recovery was a breeze afterwards!

There's tonnes of other health benefits that CurraNZ provides, but these are the main ones that I've noticed whilst taking the capsules over the last 12 weeks. You can a list of more of the health benefits HERE.

Would I recommend CurraNZ to others?
Absolutely! In fact - Phillip(my OH has already bought his own and I've recommended them to several colleagues at work). I will definitely be purchasing some more for my next half marathon training!

Obviously, every body is different, bodies will react differently - you may not get exactly the same results from CurraNZ as I did - but the research, other customers reviews and recommendations on UKRunChat speak for themselves! You can see testimonials HERE if you're interested in other people's opinions from using CurraNZ.

CurraNZ isn't just for runners! It's for anyone that's active! Whether you're an athlete, a runner, you play sports, lift weights - CurraNZ could help improve performance, endurance and recovery for all those things.

Where can you get CurraNZ?
If you're interested in trying out CurraNZ for yourself, you can grab yourself a 30 capsule pack for £21.75(Free P&P)! If you're already a regular user of CurraNZ, you will have the option to subscribe at £19.99 a month in their special offer!

You can place an order over at:

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  1. Normal exercise sessions

  2. They sound quite impressive, think I'd use them for races.

  3. think I'd use them for regular sessions

  4. I'd use them to help me get back into running and start training to smash my HM PB :) X

  5. Very impressive, would like to try

  6. Hi Laura, yes I tried them as well. Def improve muscle soreness and I am reasonably sure they make you a bit faster. also the anti-oxidative benefits could be quite far -ranging

  7. @the5krunner Yes, I definitely found an improvement in endurance - which in turn helped me maintain a faster pace for longer before feeling fatigued, I love them so I use them in all my training! :)


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