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I've had a pretty swell week this week! Lots of exercise this week and coupled with some great foodie choices. It's made me feel really great!
Running - I actually did more runs than I had scheduled this week and I think I possibly burnt myself out at the end of the week. I will be discussing this tomorrow on my weekly training diary update. If you've missed my other updates, you can find them HERE.

Swimming -  I went to the pool twice again this week. Once for my lesson on Monday and again on Friday. I went a little earlier to the pool like I did the week before as Phillip and his mum came to the pool too to get in some swimming in prep for the triathlon next week. I just stuck to doing some easy breast stroke and tried to focus on my technique in the pool without exhausting myself before my lesson.

The actual lesson went well. We didn't do any jumping into the pool this week so I didn't get to redeem myself from last week but I'll get the chance again at some point. I did some front crawl which still seems to be going OK.. however, I was getting SO out of breath even just doing half a length so I really need to work on my technique and try to slow everything down more.
LOVE my swim cap from Speedo - it actually how I feel the more I swim and get better at it! ;D
Friday, I just did more breast stroke since my front crawl isn't perfect yet, I didn't want to be stopping half way down the pool trying to catch my breath! Breast Stroke is coming on really nicely imo, I'll find out tomorrow from my coach what she thinks about my technique but I'm pretty happy compared to where I started!

I'm really starting to love swimming and always feel like I've progressed in one way or another each time that I go. The fear of the water is still there, but it's slowly diminishing which is awesome! :)

Walking - The Radiance Cleanse Walkathon challenge(with Earthmiles)that I've been doing this week has kept me motivated to getting in a lot more walking this week! I've managed to fit back in my 3 walks a day, morning, lunch and evening in order to get as many steps points as possible. I'm not sure where I will be in the ranking, but at the end of the day, it's motivated me to walk more this week which is a bonus in itself.

Food has been great this week, for once! I've been having a great breakfast in the morning of Yoghurt, Granola and Blueberries(these make up the bulk) which is SO filling that I've only been eating half in the morning and saving the other for an afternoon snack.
I haven't been having any snacks before lunch due to being so full from the yoghurt which is a bonus! I've been having Bol Food pots for lunch a lot this week - and they're delicious! They're made with super tasty ingredients, there's no nasties involved, they're just great!

For dinners, we've gone back to how we used to eat where we having chicken, rice and tonnes of veggies - we've been seasoning the chicken with various different spices to mix it up and it's been great. It's also allowed us to prepare ahead of time with the chicken and just heat things up the next day which is perfect for when we're busy!

So all in all, it's been a great week of eating - we're definitely continuing it onto next week!

Plan For Next Week
Getting up early has been sort of a fail - some days it worked, other days, I was scrambling around trying to get my sh*t together and get to work before I was late. I'm just going to try and stick with it and hope that I will just get used to getting up in the morning again.

Eating cleaner went better than I expected this week! I was impressed with my restraint. It's amazing what a good breakfast does for you. I was intrigued to see whether it had any changes on the scale this week and I'm down in weight to 153.8 which is almost 3 lbs down from when I last checked in with you guys here on the blog(I forgot to check in for the beginning of this month, I just realized, oops!).

Me and Phillip booked a week away in Turkey towards the end of September and I'd really like to tone up more before the holiday so we'll definitely be continuing with our food plans and I'll obviously continue with my training and exercise routines but hopefully including some weights back into my routine.

So that's it for this week! A great week of exercise and healthy eating which is making me feel positive and happy! Hoping it continues as I like the routine I'm in at the moment and it seems to be having a positive impact!

In case you missed it, here is the blog posts I wrote this week:

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  1. Sounds like a great week! Love a good hearty breakfast.

  2. I would really like to get back into swimming. I used to do a fair bit when I was at uni, but since then I can only go during the school holidays and it's always full of kids jumping off the sides. If I make it to an adult only session I feel pressured to spend the whole time swimming. I want a nice inbetweeny mix!

  3. @cmclaire Thanks! Yes, I've been really enjoying it at the moment and it's definitely doing me some good! :) Thanks for reading!

  4. @AHealthierMoo I've been really enjoying it - our pool hasn't been too bad during the summer holidays - there are two separate pools and the kids/teenagers tend to mess around in the smaller pool - The adult only/swim for fitness sessions are usually in sections for faster and more casual swimmers - I'm the same as you - i need to stop every so often. You should totally get back into it! :D


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