Sum It Up.. Sunday!


Happy Sunday, Everyone! I hope you've all had a great weekend. It's been beautiful weather this weekend and then sun has been shining, I hope you've been making the most of it! :) Here's what I got up to this week!
Running -  I did all four of my scheduled training runs for this week. They went well with no major issues - I'll have my GNR training diary up tomorrow for more info. If you haven't seen my other posts from the GNR series, then click HERE.

Swimming -  Swam twice this week. Had my normal swim lesson - except my coach was on holiday so we had someone different, she's a lovely woman who taught some of my classes last year so she remembered me from then - she had us focusing on front crawl technique so we were using floats a lot. 

We switched to breast stroke for the last 10 minutes and she said my breast stroke was quite strong and she was impressed with how far along I'd come since the last time she saw me - which was encouraging - although, I think by now I should have come a lot further, I've been doing these lessons for a long time now!
I went swimming with Phillips mum on Wednesday morning after doing a 5 mile run - I just kept it easy with some breast stroke. I'm getting increasingly more peeved off with going to the pool in the morning when it's supposed to be 'swim for fitness' but it seems more like the time for oldies to get into the pool and just sit and talk at the end of the pool. It's rather annoying as I have to turn round before I get to the end of the lane!

Food has been slightly off this week - Breakfasts have been OK -  sometimes I've been strapped for time and I've grabbed a Yoghurt and a breakfast bar. For lunches, I've been having soup this week. I've been trying out Glorious Foods soups as I won some vouchers to try out their Skinnilicious Soup Line. They're pretty great! Though - I'm one of those people that has to have bread with their soup - so I've been having a bread roll of some sort with it - but I feel like I've had SO much bread this week. Is there such thing as having too much bread?
This was Thai Tuk Tuks & Turmeric, It was delicious!
Any recommendations for what to have with soup that isn't so carby would be great - I feel like just having the soup on it's own probably wouldn't be enough to fill me up.

Dinners has been the usual - apart from this weekend where we had a BBQ as the weather was LUSH. I always have eyes too big for my belly when it comes to a BBQ unfortunately and came away from the meal feeling pretty awful. Oops!

Plan For Next Week
So, I hit my plan of getting in the pool at least twice this week - this should happen again this week with the same routine - Monday for swim lesson and then Wednesday after a run. I didn't get any other workouts in this week but I'm not particularly fussed about it - as I said last week, as long as I get in my runs during the week then everything is going OK.

However, this week is a little tricky. I want to make sure I get all of my training runs in this week as we're getting closer to the half marathon and I don't want to be missing important runs - however, it's bank holiday weekend and I'm travelling up to see my parents again. Unfortunately, this usually means that my motivation to run whilst I'm there is pretty much next to none.

I'm supposed to have a long run scheduled this weekend for 11 miles. I'm not sure if I will be doing this whilst i'm there(as I have no idea where to run to get 11 miles) so I might postpone it until I'm back and shift around my runs -  I still want to make sure I get in some sort of run this weekend though - even if it's a 3 miler - I might do the Preston Park run if my dad is up for taking me there, we'll see!

I will be running on Friday morning before work and then travelling to see my parents after work - so that takes care of that run. I just need to make sure I get in at least 1 run whilst I'm there!


Question: What do you usually have with soup? On it's own? with bread? or something else? 

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  1. I tend to have soup with bread. I've also taken to adding extra vegetables to my soup to bulk it up a bit. I'm a bit of a veggies fiend!


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