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For full disclosure purposes, I received a Mirror 15L Hydration Pack from Trespass for free in return for an honest review. I am not being paid to talk about or advertise their products. All opinions of the product are my own.
Runners know.. or at least SHOULD know, that hydration is very important and that you need to stay hydrated in order to be at peak performance. It's even more important on hot summer days like we had last weekend!

As we're all aware, our body composition is 50-70% water. When we exercise, our body temperature starts to rise and we start to sweat - sweating means less water inside our bodies. If you don't keep your body hydrated and top up on water lost, this can lead to fatigue, headaches, dizziness and muscle cramps.

It's important to make sure you hydrated before, during and after a run or race. For shorter runs(less than an hour), it's not so important to drink during a run, unless its really hot out. For anything over an hour, it's best to take something with you that will enable you to stay hydrated. Whether that's a water bottle, stopping at a water station or a wearing a hydration pack!
When Trespass contacted me asking if I would like to trial/review an item from their website - the first thing that came to mind was a Hydration Pack as I knew it would be helpful for the hot summer months where I would be training for the Great North Run.

I'd ideally like to get round the GNR without having to stop - the hydration pack is helping me get used to drinking on the run(as I either have to stop or choke currently xD) and its also allowing me to do my long runs without having to stop so I'm training myself to run longer too.

I chose the Mirror 15L Hydration Backpack and it's proved to be great thus far and definitely helpful during my training runs!
The backpack was the smallest in the range for hydration packs on the trespass website. I actually thought it would be a bit smaller in person but it was bigger than I expected. It hasn't been a problem at all though!

It is lightweight and has lots of space and pockets inside to store everything you need as well as a handy key hook! There is also slot on the side of the backpack which allows you to feed in your headphone wire(I store my phone in one of the pockets in the backpack and feed the headphone wire out).

There's a compartment at the back of the pack which is where the two litre water bladder is stored(which is included). Filling up the water bladder is really easy, it's like a large bottle cap.

The packs shoulder straps have a fitted loop for easy access to the spout as well as waist and chest clip straps which are adjustable to get a secure fit.
So far, the pack has been comfortable to wear and there has been no chaffing to report on in the few weeks that I have been using it. As long as you have adjusted the waist and chest straps accordingly, there is minimal bouncing of the pack and I hardly realise its there.

And of course then there's the spout. It actually took me a while to get used to it as I've never used anything like it before. There is a lock at the end of the spout to stop the water coming out all the time which is great.
The end of the spout/pipe is a bite valve, it's squidgy and rubbery feeling, you bite down and suck out the water at the same time which took me a while to get used to. The thing I like about this is that you don't get loads of water all coming out at once, it encourages you to take sips rather than large mouth fulls of water at once.

Obviously, with most things, there are sometimes things you wish you could change or make better. It would have been awesome if there was a place on the straps of the backpack where you could store a gel of some sort - when you're running, you don't particularly want to be stopping to take off your backpack and grab a gel, some sort of slot or tie would be great to slip a gel into!

The spout/pipe on this pack is quite long and it just freely lies at the front of you. This can be quite annoying bouncing around and it would be great to have somewhere to attach the hose to when it's not in use. I was tucking the spout into my waist strap to keep it out of the way. A clip or a magnetic attachment would be awesome!

Lastly, It would be awesome to see even smaller versions of hydration packs for running in the future. This pack is great for all different activities like running, hiking and cycling since it has a bit more storage. It would  be great to see a smaller version specifically for running as storage isn't needed so much other than for keys, phone and tissues.

All in all, I think it's a great hydration pack, it's helped out a lot with my training, especially on some of the hot weekends that we've had recently. The pack is comfortable, lightweight and hasn't caused any major issues or discomfort.  It gets a big thumbs up from me!

You can currently find the Mirror 15L Hydration Backpack(they have this pack in blue too!) on the Trespass website for £20.99 which is a bargain! It currently has 51% off! They also have great deals on other Hydration Packs if you're looking for something a little different!

Question: Do you run with a bottle or a hydration pack? or maybe both for different runs?

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