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Do you need more motivation to workout and get active? What if I told you that your daily walks, runs and cycles could earn you rewards in the form of discounts to a range of health and fitness brands?
You can with Earth Miles*!

Earth miles rewards you for you walking, running, cycling and even yoga! You can link your favourite tracking apps to pull in your data that will equate into 'earth miles' on the app! Compatible apps to link are: Google Fit, Runkeeper, S Health, Strava, MapMyFitness, Fitbit, JawboneUP,Moves, Nike+, Garmin, Endomondo and Runtastic! The more active you are, the more earthmiles you can earn for use on health and fitness brands!

There are all sorts of rewards that you can redeem on the app, they're split into three different sections; Nutrition, Wellness and Fitness. The rewards range from a variety of fitness classes such as Insanity or Piyo to Bootcamp Pilates to great discounts with popular health and fitness brands such as Nakd, Rebel Kitchen, Pip & Nut, Runners Need, Every Second Counts, Tiny fish and lots more!

Earthmiles hopes to add more companies to the list of their already fantastic list of rewards in the future!

It's quite easy to rack up points if you're already quite active - if you're not as active, I think it's a great motivational tool that gives you something to work towards. I always think it's a good idea to reward yourself for your hard work. During my weight loss journey, I would set myself small goals that I would work towards and if I reached those goals, I would allow myself a reward.

The Earth Miles app can accompany this concept - if you set yourself a goal to run/cycle/walk a certain amount of times during the month and you meet those goals, you can redeem some of the earthmiles that you accumulate over the space of the month to treat yourself! Great, right?!

The app allows you to have a small profile page and allows you to add friends which I think is a great addition! You can add your friends and stay updated with what activities they're doing and keep each other motivated -  If you already have the app - Add me!

The app also has a 'feed' similar to what you would find on popular social media apps which contains updates on what activities people have been doing and what rewards they have been redeeming their points for. There's also a news feed where the team share different health and fitness articles, updates on challenges and new rewards.

On other great addition to the app, is that they host challenges for everyone to compete in. You use some of your earthmiles earned to enter the challenge - and there are different challenges hosted to win you prizes. A few weeks back, they had a challenge to win some Superfood Truffles(I was chosen as a winner!) You just had to exercise as you would normally and earn as many earthmiles as possible during a certain time frame.
There's a challenge going on at the moment to win a Juice Cleanse from Radiance Cleanse where you have to earn as many earth miles as possible by walking between the 1st and the 9th August which is exciting!


Overall, I think its a great health/fitness app to have! Especially if you are in need of a little extra motivation.. or maybe you just LOVE fueling your health/fitness shopping addiction and would love some cheeky discounts to some great brands(like me ;))!

The app is still in the early stages so I'm looking forward to expansions with the app and what additional health/fitness brands will be added in the future.

I'd ideally like to have swimming included in the activities that you can add for earth miles since I am doing a fair bit more swimming recently - I've suggested it already and it will be coming in the not so distant future!

However, So far so good! I'd definitely recommend giving it a whirl! You can download it HERE*. Using this link automatically adds me as your friend! 

Links marked with a * are referral links for the app download page. I do not get paid if you sign up through this link, I earn some points to use on the app but anyone is able to do this and earn points themselves.

Question: Would you ever use Earth Miles? Do you already use it?

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  1. Heather Winterton9 August 2015 at 14:44

    Just Friend Requested you on Earthmiles although my link with Strava isn't working. 😢

  2. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for the write up - I'm downloading Earth Miles as we speak!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

  3. @Heather Winterton Got your request! :) You should contact their support system regarding your strava issues - they're fantastic and get back to you really quickly

  4. @Besma | Curiously Conscious Great! Let me know how you find it! :) It's great for some discounts to health/fitness brands - and I'm enjoying the challenges!

  5. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for sharing the app review :)

    Ps. Earthmiles team member here


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