Sum It Up.. Sunday!


Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday, I hope you've all had a great week/weekend!

I've had a pretty productive week both workout and food wise as well as here on the blog. So I'm just gonna jump straight into filling you in with my week.
Swimming - Swimming was OK this week. Still very busy.. I had a hard time with breathing this week, I was finding it really hard and felt like I was running out of breath really easily. Not sure if maybe this is because I'm not running and it's somehow affecting my swimming stamina? I didn't think it would but maybe..

Yoga - I'm still keeping on top of yoga and the monthly challenge, it's been great to go back to basic poses. I'm not sure whether I will continue this on into next month as I'll be on holiday on the 7th and not sure if I will be able to upload a photo everyday. I think it would be quite fun to do a yoga challenge whilst I'm on hols though.. Beach pics!

Home Workouts - I've been getting really stuck in to home workouts this week. I've been doing a combination of body weight, dumbbell and kettlebell workouts. Kettlebell workouts have definitely been my favourite! They really make you sweat and I always feel like I've had an awesome workout.
Hopefully this increase in home workouts can help make a difference somehow and hopefully gain some muscle and definition, we will see!

I've been pretty happy with my food choices this week. I've had great breakfast choices, I've been having salads for lunches(I actually discovered some salad bowls in Aldi that are pretty awesome and they were only like £1.29 or something. Bargain!) and dinners have been great. I've continued to keep up my veggie intake and I've been keeping my meals pretty clean with loads of veggies, chicken or fish and rice or some other form of carbs.
This was a salad from Aldi which had basic salad ingredients plus some egg and potato. I ended up adding a bit of left over chicken and some cashew nuts for some extra protein and healthy fats and it pretty much kept me going till dinner!
Snacks have also been pretty great this week. I've been sticking to simple snacks like a handful of nuts/seeds. Nakd bars(I found some fruit bars similar to nakd bars in Tesco and Aldi that are pretty much the same as nakd bars and they're pretty delicious!) and some fruit.

All in all I'm pretty happy with the choices for food this week!

Plan For Next Week
Everything went to plan this week. I've been KILLING it with workouts this week and I've been keeping my eating in check. I just hope that this makes a difference. I'm not bothered about the number on the scale, I'm just focusing on how I look. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I feel like I can see changes but I'm waiting until the end of the month to take all my stats and progress pictures.

 Think it's safe to say that this week has gone well so I kinda just want to keep doing what I'm doing. 

My leg hasn't been feeling any better since the half marathon last week. I'm still suffering a bit. I'm hoping that it will eventually go back to normal. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this week but not looking hopeful. If my leg starts to feel better then I want to SLOWLY incorporate running back into my routine. If it's not any better, I'm not going to push it.

I always really disliked running, I only really did it for fitness reasons and to maintain my weight. However, now that I'm not able to do it, I find myself getting really frustrated that I can't run. It's so annoying!


In case you missed them, here are the blog posts I wrote this week:
The Rituals for Living Dreambook

I also got round to filming a Youtube Video this week which was fueled by the upcoming GCC challenge on Wednesday that I took part in last year. This video was all about How to Walk 10,000 steps a day so you can check that out HERE.

Hope you all have a great week next week! Enjoy your long weekend if you're from the UK/US! 

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  1. Nice job on the home workouts! I love kettlebells too, and can't wait to move house to have a proper workout space. We don't have a lot of room where we are right now, and I always think I'm going to lob the kettlebell into furniture or the wall and do some damage.

    Where are you off to on holiday? x

  2. @Steph Thanks Honey! I always think that too. It only takes me to not have a proper hold of the kettlebell correctly during a hand swap and I could damage something! xD

    We're off to Egypt in two weeks. I'm excited as it will be my first holiday since I had my skin removal surgery so it's gonna be weird!


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