Sum It Up.. Sunday!


Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday, I hope you've all had a great week/weekend!

I've had SUCH a busy weekend with shopping and baby sitting, I'm typing this last minute as I've hardly had any access to my computer this weekend!
Swimming - I had my swimming lesson this week after not having one for two weeks since bank holiday. It went OK, as always for the past couple of weeks it's been overly busy in the lessons which is making in increasingly more difficult to try and swim.

I STILL haven't got the hang of bi-lateral breathing yet which is kind-of annoying. It's SO hard to breath on my left side, I take in water every time! I'm also not rotating enough on my right which makes it harder for breathing too.

I've only 3 weeks till the holiday and then I will be swimming every day so I'm hoping to improve then.


Other than swimming, does shopping, coo-ing at and rocking a baby count as exercise? I think it does! All of the above is hard work and I'm knackered after this weekend.
This is the little bundle that I've been looking after this weekend!
After last weeks half marathon, my legs needed some much needed time to get back to normal. They're still not entirely there and I really could've done with not walking so much on them this weekend. I'm hoping they'll be back to normal this week so I can at least get a run or two in this week. We will see.

Food has been here and there this weekend. I've had some pretty healthy meals and choices during the week but slacked towards the end of the week. Plus like I mentioned at the start of this post, it was my birthday this weekend which meant there was some cake involved and I've been baby sitting this weekend for P's brothers baby whilst they were away this weekend and it's been pretty hectic. I feel like I've not stopped. Food whilst shopping over the weekend has not been the best of choices and food choices at home over the weekend have been convenience more than anything.

I just need to get back on it this week.

Plan For Next Week
So, my plan was to have an active recovery, which didn't do exactly to plan. I didn't workout at all this week but I did do a lot of walking this weekend and lots of baby lifting and walking about.. it wasn't much but it was something. My leg really played havoc after the HM last week so it's actually been pretty hard to try and walk and do anything with it.

It's starting to get back to normal so hopefully I will be back to running this week.

It's officially 3 weeks until my Holiday to Egypt so I want to have one final push at getting some weight off prior to going on holiday. I want to make sure that food choices are healthy and I want to have a good crack at exercise. I want to be active everyday and doing something. I'll be getting back into a routine of early mornings so I can do a workout early in the morning and hopefully at least start to make some positive changes.

I know that holiday eating isn't always the best when you're all inclusive, so ideally I wanted to be at a lower weight, so there is wiggle room for a little holiday weight gain. I am going to try and be better on holiday this year so I avoid this issue, but just in case! I did write a blog post on avoiding vacation weight gain so maybe I should go back and read it and remind myself ;)


In case you missed them, here are the two blog posts I wrote this week:
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Hope you all have a great week next week!

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