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Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday, I hope you've all had a great week/weekend!

I am currently typing this post with my legs up.. trying to rest. My legs are SO sore.. and I can't move around the house without crawling. I completed my Half Marathon though! ;)
Yoga - Yoga is still the same, I've still been doing it everyday and it's really nice to just zone out for a while, get a little bit of practice in and then do the yoga pose for that day. It's been a really good source of motivation for just getting me moving. I love it!

1 x Running -  I didn't run at all, all week as I was trying to rest and hopefully allow my injury to go away. It didn't happen, annoyingly enough but I think I made the right decision to not run and make anything worse.

I did my Half Marathon(Run Hackney) today. I did it in 2:27:05 - Not the best time for me but I'm not upset. It is 10 minutes slower than the half marathon I did a few years back.. but I was injured so what did I really expect? Considering I was  injured, I am actually surprised it didn't take me longer. I'm happy with my time and happy that I managed to finish! I race recap will be coming to the blog very soon!
Misc -  Since I wasn't running at all this week, I did want to make sure I was at least getting in some other form of exercise. I've been continuing to do workouts from the Workout Trainer App. I really love this app! It has SO many different workouts to choose from. I stuck to Abs and Arms mostly for this week. Stayed away from doing any leg work.

Food has been pretty good this week. I've been making healthy snacking choices and I've been having really good, healthy meals too. Since I'm now in the routine of getting up earlier, it's so nice to be able to have a nice breakfast. I've been having Mesa Sunrise(which is similar to bran flakes) from Natures Path with some added fruit and I've had Yoghurt/Museli/Fruits on some days which has been pretty amazing.

I've had salads again this week, I've been changing it up every few days so I don't get bored of having the same thing everyday. All in all, its been going pretty well.

This was one of the salads that I had this week. It was a mixed salad pack and I added some sweetcorn and plain chicken breast. There's also Mango, Lime and Chilli salad dressing on there too which is AMAZING. I got it from the Tesco Finest range, ingredients are pretty reasonable and I like it a lot!

Plan For Next Week
So, my plan for last week was to get more posts up during the week, I definitely did that, you can find the posts I wrote for last week below:

I want to keep up the posts during the week, I did a lot of pre-planning and I've got some blog topics that I can cover here on the blog so that will keep me occupied.

I didn't film a Youtube Video this week. My plan was originally to Vlog my day for the Half Marathon, however, that didn't go to plan. I just completely forgot to film whilst I was doing things and now it's too late!

Next week, I just need to make sure that I recover properly from my HM. I'm pretty sure my legs are going to be worse tomorrow than they are today so I just need to take it easy. I want to make sure that whilst I'm resting from running, that I'm doing something else to keep active, although that shouldn't be too hard considering I've been really enjoying the app for workouts.

Question: What is your favourite Salad Dressing?
What are your favourite types of posts that you like to see here on my blog?

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