Sum It Up.. Sunday!


Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday, I hope you've all had a great week/weekend!

It's bank holiday, whoohoo! which means I don't have to get up early tomorrow. Lay in day! YES! Have you got any plans for tomorrow? Whilst you tell me that, I'll fill you in on how I got on this week!
Swimming - This ended up being the same as last week. SO many in the class that it almost makes it impossible to swim without someone being in front of you or having legs fly from nowhere!

It's a little frustrating. All the more reason why Im considering stopping the classes after the Holiday like I mentioned in my post last week..

Yoga - I've done Yoga for 3 months! and it's been great! I've started on ANOTHER yoga challenge this month called #mayibegininyoga. It's still not too late to start. My yoga bestie Jordan over at My General Life is also doing the challenge with me again for this month so go check her out! :)
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3 x Running -  Even more sigh than last week with regards to running. I went for an 8 mile run on Tuesday morning as I missed my long run on Sunday and thought the extra rest might do me some good.. It was pretty uncomfortable because of my calf/shin issues. I had a Sports Therapy on Tuesday evening(you can read more about what happened HERE).

After a few days of rest after Therapy, I went out for another run, just a 3 miler to test the waters. My calves and shins weren't any better, but weren't any worse! They're uncomfortable to run on but not impossible.

I went for another run today, the same thing, uncomfortable but manageable. My aim for the half marathon has just become a goal to finish more than anything else. I'm not going to try and push anything unless it starts to feel better. I just want to get round. After the half marathon is finished, I'm gonna scale back my runs and try to rest and ease this issue(otherwise it's off to the docs!)

Misc -  I've still been using the Workout Trainer App this week, I think it's fab and has allowed me to get in some sort of cross training since I'm not running as much. They're definitely hard work but I'm hoping the more I do them, the more strength I'll build which definitely isn't a bad thing!

Food has been great this week! I've been having a proper breakfast each day which has made SUCH a difference to my hunger levels. I've not felt as hungry before lunch and I've sometimes been able to go from breakfast to lunch with no snack depending on what I eat which is a bonus.

Lunches have been salads this week, I've switched it up and had some chicken this week and also had a mango dressing from Tesco which was really tasty and didn't have that many added nasties which was good.
Sorry, I'm not awesome at taking foodie pictures but this was pretty darn good!
I've been having some pretty healthy snacks this week too. I managed to grab hold of the new Nakd Nibbles which are AMAZING. I haven't tried all the flavours yet but I want to! I've also had the opportunity to try some Nothing But Snacks which were fantastic, I definitely think I'll be getting my hands on more of both of those.. YUM!
Apple & Fig - I've actually never tried Fig before today, I was pleasantly surprised!

Plan For Next Week
I mentioned last week that my plan for this week was to get up early.  This has gone SO well(in terms of actually getting up early.. not the way I feel after getting up). I must admit.. getting up earlier has allowed me to be SO much more productive in the morning and I get SO much more done than usual.
Me and Kia up bright and Early!
She usually isnt a lap cat.. but she wanted feeding so was making a fuss! ;)
However, I feel absolutely awful in the morning when I get up earlier. I literally feel like a zombie for the first hour of getting up. It's gotten easier towards the end of the week.. so I'm hoping it will just continue to get easier the more I do it.

As well as getting up early in the mornings, I also mentioned last week about blogging and Youtube. I did manage to do a Youtube Video this week. It took me forever to edit such a simple video. It's all about my Top Health and Fitness Apps, so if you're interested, you can check that out HERE.

In terms of blogging.. I feel like I became a complete blogger noob. I wrote a blog post that was supposed to go up this week(on top of the one for my Sports Therapy) and I messed up with the scheduling.. so that will have to wait till next week. I ideally want to do two mid-week posts from now on.. so I'm aiming for that!

I'm going to be productive on my day off tomorrow and write some posts and maybe film a video so I'm not in such a rush for next week. Maybe I can get blogging/youtube organised like I have done for my morning schedule?! That would be fantastic!

Question: What are you doing for Bank Holiday weekend(if you're in the UK)
If you're not in the UK, did you get up to anything fun this weekend?

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