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As you may well know if you follow me on my Instagram, I love Yoga but I have never been to a Yoga Class before. For me, being able to practice whenever I want and in the comfort of my own home works for me. Others like to be in an environment with others but I'm perfectly happy with how things work for me at home.

If you're like me and would prefer to practice in the comfort of your own home, or maybe you don't have time to get to a class or can't afford a class, then home yoga is a great alternative and you don't need a lot in order to do it. 

I wrote a post a while back on Home Yoga Classes which I think might be helpful to some that are looking to practice more from home, it goes through some online resources on where to find yoga content as well as talking through some of the basics needed for practicing in your own home! So check that out if you're interested.

Since all of my practice is done from home, I always try to look for more ways to spice things up a bit. The internet is a wonderful thing for this.  There are so many amazing websites online with Yoga Classes, you can see the article I wrote on this above. Youtube also offers a plethora of online yoga videos for people to follow along with. 

I've also become a massive fan of online yoga challenges. BeachYogaGirl and KinoYoga host a lot of monthly Instagram challenges which are a fantastic way to get in yoga practice and also a way of communicating with others. I've been doing challenges for the last couple of months and I've been enjoying it a lot. These challenges are available for everyone as there are modifications and instructions on how to perform the poses for each day. I highly recommend trying out one of the challenges if you're interested in getting into yoga!

Om Yoga Magazine has also been a place I can go to look for new Yoga Sequences and new poses to try out. There are so many different sections for this. In this months magazine, they have an article on Hip Opening Sequences. Did you know that hip-opening exercises can be an effective form of stress management? I didn't until I read this article.

The 'Hip Hop' article has 6 hip-opening poses for people to try out and a detailed explanation of each pose and how to get into them.
There's also sections on 'Yoga At Home' where a pose is chosen each month for the magazine with beginner, intermediate and advanced poses to try out and it's great to try each one and build your way up to the advanced level.
and there is also a 'How To Do Yoga' section in the magazine which takes you through step by step instructions and preparatory instructions to build/ get into a more advanced pose.


This months magazine also has a lot of other very interesting articles that may benefit a lot of people. There's a section all about Yoga for Children in May's issue as well as a whole section on Yoga Festivals!

Yoga Festivals is not something I was familiar of prior to reading the magazine but they definitely sound interesting! There are lots all over the country and abroad for that matter! If you love yoga, this is a great way to meet like minded people doing something you enjoy!
If you're interested in the magazine and the articles that I've mentioned and you want to subscribe, you can subscribe HERE or click the ad below. Each magazine is £1.99 or you can get a 6 or 12 month subscription(£8.99/£16.99). The Magazine is also available to people in the US too, WooHoo!.
OM Yoga Magazine
Question: Do you practice yoga? Do you prefer classes or practicing in your own home? Why?

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  1. I love your blog posts and Instagram posts! So inspirational!

  2. I love following your's and Jordan's yoga adventures on Instagram. When I practice, it is at home. I am not doing anything at the moment though as we are living amongst boxes (we are moving), so space is an issue. I like classes for a bit of teacher help with poses, but I figure it out on my own eventually!

  3. @minimewannabe Thanks honey! :) x

  4. @Steph Thanks honey. Yes, the upside of classes is that they can tell you if your form is off or not and correct it there and then. Maybe if I tried a class I might really enjoy it but for the time being, I'm really enjoying just being able to do my own thing! :)

    Good luck with the move, hopefully it wont be too much longer before you're settled and sorted!


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