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For full disclosure purposes, I picked out some items of clothing from the Buy Tshirts Online website for free in return for an honest review. I am not being paid to talk or advertise their products. All opinions of the product are my own.

It's starting to warm up now here in the UK. It's been a bit blustery but it was a wonderful 18 degrees this afternoon after I finished work(the first bit of air and sunshine i'd had all day). Now that it's hotting up a bit, it's time for a change in Running Kit.

Gone are the days when I was wearing hats, gloves, long tights & long sleeved tops! Out come the crops, shorts, t-shirts and tanks! I got some pieces from Buy Tshirts Online to help with my summer kit and thought I'd share them with you!

Whilst it's sometimes still a bit blustery at the moment, I've been wearing t-shirts and crops on my runs. I got the Just Cool By All We Do Is Girlie cool capri and they have literally become my go-to pair of crops to run in now.
I struggle with getting tights/crops to fit properly. The thing is, I have big thighs and quite a small waist and I have a problem with the crops slipping/falling down mid run and I have to keep hiking them up! So I was apprehensive when I received this crops, even more so as they didn't have a tie for the waist. I was pleasantly surprised! They have a wide waistband and they don't fall down, ever. I don't have to touch them, they're fantastic!

The main thing with all clothing is to get fabrics that are sweat wicking and breathable. There is nothing worse than getting all hot and sweaty and it staying on the fabric and feeling really damp during the run. That goes for bottoms and tops!

I've also got a pair of standard Nike Shorts that I wear when it's REALLY warm out and I can't handle crops. Again, make sure they're sweat wicking and breathable. I usually go for a longer shorts(big thighs rubbing together, chaffing. NO THANKS)
For the top half in summer, you're definitely going to want t-shirts and vests! I picked out the Gamegear Ladies Cooltex Sports Vest and the Gamegear Ladies Cootex
Both of the tops that I picked out are obviously made with sweat wicking fabric that's very breathable. I also think it's important to make sure you get the right fit. Get a t-shirt that's too tight and you might find that the fabric starts to ride and bunch up around your waist and that's just annoying! Loose fit/not so tight clothing all the way!

The Main Moral of this post? Make sure you've got sweat wicking clothing! Have options available for the warmer weather, you REALLY don't want to be running in long tights/long sleeves


On-top of having the right clothing, there are some extra's recommended!

A water bottle! It is SO important to make sure that you stay hydrated, not just before and after but DURING a run especially if it's warm, the heat will make you sweat more, you'll lose more water and it's just not a good situation. A handheld bottle(the one with the hand hole in the middle) is a popular choice.

I personally have a Nike Water bottle that I use and it doesn't leak when running and a simple squeeze of the bottle allows the water to come out easily. The shape of the bottle also makes it really easy to run with too.

I've been wearing a flipbelt recently and it's a god send!
It fits SO much in it including keys, gels and phone and I dont feel like I'm wearing it!
Although not essential, I think having a belt of some sort to wear during your run is pretty handy. When you're trying to wear as little layers as possible, there's not many places to store things. Sure, some crops/shorts have little pockets at the back but not enough to store what you might need.

Plus, no-one wants to be running in summer heat with their phone in their hands with it getting really sweaty.

The last one is Sunglasses! I'd be lost without mine. The sun is pretty much out whatever time you decide to run atm unless you run really early or really late so the sun is guaranteed to be out and most likely in your eyes. I actually forgot my sunglasses when I decided to run after work and I was practically running blind a majority of the time.

Protect your eyes! You don't need a really expensive pair. I bought mine from Aldi last year and they've been perfect and we're only around £4.


I'd highly recommend that you checkout Buy Tshirts Online and check out their fitness clothing range. Their clothing is really good quality and SO affordable. I got 4 items for under £30 which is a bargain!

They don't just have running items, they have all types of fitness clothing including pieces for yoga, general fitness and cycling too!

Find Buy TShirts Online:

Question: Whats the one thing you look for when you're looking for Summer Fit Kit?

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  1. I've never figured out how people can run without water! I see lots of runners and I carry a water bottle even for a 3 miler! I think I'd panic and die without one.

    Corinne x

  2. @Corinne C I actually used to run without water for anything less than 4 miles as it felt like more of an inconvenience. I've had to train myself to drink as I run(I really struggled to before). Now I take it out with me all the time, makes me feel SO much better!


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