Sum It Up.. Sunday!


Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday, I hope you've all had a great week/weekend!

This week has been up and down again! I've had some good moments this week with food.. but also dealing with injury so feeling a little worse for wear and disappointed and frustrated.
Swimming - Good lord! There are SO many in the class at the moment that its becoming pretty hard to swim. Improvements seem next to none this week because of this, it's throwing me off slightly and my technique went to pot. Hopefully next week will be better.
On another note.. I'm unsure of whether I will continue lessons after I've been on Holiday in June. The whole reason I was taking lessons was to become more confident in the water. I've definitely come leaps and bounds and swimming lessons have become more about improving my technique.

Since I'm going to have two weeks of pretty much non-stop swimming, I might be able to make some major improvements when Im away in which case I wont need to keep spending so much on lessons. We will see.

Yoga - I'm still chugging along with Yoga as usual. We're only a couple of days away from being finished and I would have practiced/done yoga for 2 months in a row which is good going for me. I'm really enjoying the challenges which is great and it gives me something to work towards. I'll be looking for another challenge to do for the month of May I just haven't found one yet. If possible I'd like to continue it all year if there are challenges for it!

2 x Running -  This one is just a major sigh.. I'm actually trying to think of whether I even did 2 runs this week, I may have just done one run. I've got an injury and I've not been able to pin point what caused it. I've changed my shoes now just in case the ones I'm running in aren't supportive enough and also spent a lot of money today on things that will help me avoid injuries in future.
Pain Device Massage Stick, Compression Calf Sleeves and Insoles.
I have a sports massage on Tuesday to hopefully try and sort out my calves as I have a half marathon in two weeks and I'll be running it even if I have to crawl.. I'm hoping this massage can iron things out!

Misc -  I actually managed to fit in some other forms of exercise this week. I have needed to keep myself active in other ways due to not running as much. I've recently come across an app called Workout Trainer which has a bunch of workout routines with instructions and videos on how to perform each exercise. It's very similar to the Nike Training App and there are SO many routines to pick from, it's pretty great!

Food has actually been pretty good this week and I've been pretty pleased with my choices. Breakfasts have slightly slacked this week and I've got into the habit of getting up late and just grabbing a 9bar before heading out the door which isn't the best of ideas!

Lunches have been great and I've continued to have salads this week but I'm getting a litle bored of the same topping of salad/eggs so I'm looking for suggestions, please let me know!

Dinners are same as always, never anything to mention on this front. Snacking has been OK this week, I've had plenty of fruits and I've been having some carrots and hummus this week. I've had the odd Nakd bar too which is always great.  I have had the odd treat here and there(damn Haribos that are in the cupboard! xD) but they've been kept to a minimum which I'm happy about.

Plan For Next Week
I think my plan to look after myself a bit more went exactly to plan last week. I ate healthier, made healthier choices and drank plenty of water during the week. Though my training wasn't as good and it's had me pretty frustrated, I haven't taken out that frustration with food which is great! It could have been so much worse this week!

For next week, I really want to focus on my schedule. I've been pretty lazy during the week and I've been getting up quite late. I'd actually love to get up before 7 am and be able to fit in more things in the morning.

I'm going to try and be up and out of bed by 6:15 am every morning. P is going to give me some help with this as he has to leave for work at that time so he is going to make sure that I'm up and out of bed before he leaves.

This also means going to bed at a sensible time. I don't usually go to bed until at least 11:30-12 pm at night.. I'm going to aim to be in bed for at least 10:30 each night.  I'm hoping that if I stay consistent with it, it'll just become second nature to me and I'll just naturally wake at the time. At least here's hoping!


I've been SUCH a bad blogger this week. I've literally been in lazy mode all week and I think time got the better of me. I didn't post at all during the week this week AND I didn't do a Youtube video either. FAIL. I'll be better next week I promise. I spent most of the day kicking my ass into gear and I've got posts written so I will have posts during the week rather than nothing at all.

I'm having a complete brain fart with Youtube Videos. I've been having SUCH a hard time coming up with what I want to talk about for the week. Does anyone have anything specific that they'd like me to talk about on my channel? Anything health, fitness, running or yoga related that they might want me to do a video on? Please leave me suggestions and I'll be glad to do them!

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