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* I realised I've been putting the wrong month on my other monthly stats post, I should have been putting the new month rather than the old one ;)

Hey Everyone! Happy Hump Day! and Happy 1st April!

We're back for another Monthly stats post where I share my monthly weigh in, measurements and progress pictures for the start of the month.

This months stats have been a little disappointing to say the least. I thought I would have made more progress this month but it just wasn't meant to be.

I rambled more than usual in most of the sections for this post, so we should probably just get straight into them!

Last Weight: 156.6 lbs

Today's Weight: 155.8 lbs

Loss/Gain This Week: 0.0 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 102.2 lbs
No change on the scales. If you follow me on social media, I was more than a little upset and frustrated at no movement on the scale this month. Felt like I was fighting a loosing battle.

However, after a little pep talk, I've come to the realisation that the scale is just a d*ck and I really can't trust it and I DEFINITELY shouldn't let it dictate how I feel. I read a post from the lovely Lauren, a fellow blogger, about how there's more to life than just the scales. 


Last Months Measurements:
Neck: 12 | Chest: 32 | Waist: 28 | Belly: 35 | Hips: 36
Left Bicep: 11.5 | Right Bicep: 12 | Left Forearm: 9 | Right Forearm: 9
Left Thigh: 23 | Right Thigh: 23.5 | Left Calf: 15.5 | Right Calf: 16

Changes this month:
-0.5 from Right Thigh

Frustrated to see nothing from stomach, or hips, the main areas which I'd like measurements to come off. However, I did like to lose some inches from my legs too, so it's a start.

The frustrating thing about measurements is that I never know if I'm really taking the measurements in the same place each time? What if I took the measurements in a slightly higher/lower place than last time and my results are different for that reason? It's all just guessing.

If you take measurements, how do you ensure you're taking them in a similar place to last time? Any tips?

It's frustrating getting the exact time of day, location, lighting settings. Between the pictures, to me, I see some small changes around my stomach and my back.

However, I know how lighting is deceiving and if I'd taken this in the same lighting, and place as my pictures from March, they would probably look no different. That and the fact that my measurements didn't change either, so that's a big signal.


So, this month didn't go as I planned it to. With last months challenges and the plans I set for the month of march, I thought I'd have made good progress this month. It turns out my body has a completely different plan to me.

I won't be giving up. I'll get there eventually, it just seems it's going to take quite a long time to get where I want. I will figure it out. For now I'm keeping my head high and just reminding myself of what I've already accomplished.

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  1. <3

    I love your blog!!
    I can't agree more that there is more to life than the scales. I never look at them because they actually make me feel so thin! Yes! I said that. I struggle to put weight on so now I focus on how I look. With weight training, I feel stronger and rounded in the right places. Really, our fitness journey is between us, our hearts and how we feel. Nobody else has a say, neither do the scales!!!

    Keep going. Can't wait to see what you achieve xxx


  2. @Aishah Thanks Honey! It's taken me a while to get to the point where I stop letting the scales affect me but I'm glad I've managed it now.

    We're almost at opposite ends of the spectrum, it's so great that you're taking hold and making the positive change too! People forget that there are two sides, not just weight loss, but also people trying to gain weight too.

    We have to do it for us! :) Keep up the great work, honey! x


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