Sum It Up.. Sunday!


Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday, I hope you've all had a great week/weekend!

This week has been a busy week with regards to exercise.. but a not-so-good week for food choices - it's all about balance. 
We can't have it all.
Swimming - There's not much to update on this one for this week. We practiced swimming on our sides and it was quite hard trying to stay at the top of the water, I kept taking water into my mouth and having to stop after a few feet.

I'm also still struggling to breathe on my left side. Breathing/rotating on the right side has become quite natural to me, however, as soon as I try to rotate on the left, I don't rotate far enough and end up inhaling water. It's gonna take a while to get it.

4 x Running - Did 4/4 of my scheduled runs this week and it is getting SO hard. The mileage is definitely ramping up. I did 2 x 3 mile runs, a 4 miler and an 8 miler today.
I'd had to change up my plan slightly for this week and next as my 8 miler was originally planned for next week but I'm away at my parents and don't want to be going out for an 8 mile run whilst I'm there. Next week is still going to be challenging though, I've pretty much all 5 milers this coming week which sucks majorly. We'll see how it goes.

Yoga - I've continued with my daily practice and it's been going OK, the poses are still quite hard this week but I have managed to modify with my FeetUp stool which has made things a little easier on me. I'm  quite looking forward to the challenge ending actually. I still stand by my word and say that it was more of an advanced challenge and I wasn't quite ready to tackle it.

I do have another challenge with AloYoga for April which is a Detox Yoga Challenge. The poses look a lot easier to get involved with and will still allow me to practice daily. Everyone can get involved too, you just perform the pose for that day and post it to Instagram.
Original Image at: BeachYogaGirl IG
Misc - I've been seriously slacking on this one. Part of the reason I stopped doing my daily challenges was because they were making my legs tired and affecting my running, so I've had to scale them down. I do want to keep up my ab challenges and I'll be continuing these for the month of April too.. I'm just going to restart rather than trying to jump in where I left off.

Eating has been back on schedule this week, although, i slipped back into some old habits and lost my streak for not having any chocolate/sweets/biscuits. I've had a few this week and it was mostly because I hadn't planned and I wasn't being mindful enough. When those things happen, things can go wrong quickly. I didn't go off the scale or anything, I just had a few pieces which isn't too bad but I'm disappointed I didn't make it till the end of the month.

Other than some un-needed sweet treats, my main meals have been OK, I've been making good choices as usual, not much really changes with regards to my main meals during the week. Plenty of protein, veggies/fruit and some carbs.

Plan For Next Week
Water intake was definitely upped last week as I planned, I've been drinking more green tea and water and have been feeling much better for it too. Although.. the side effect of drinking so much water is having to pee all the time which is a little annoying.

For this week, like I mentioned above, I want to restart my ab challenge and continue it into the next month too, I'll probably be doing one of the Running Bug ab challenges again as they seem to be quite good, if I change my mind, I'm sure you'll know about it!


I've had a couple of posts that went up this week and a new Youtube Video, if you haven't seen them, you can catch up here:

I hope everyone continues to enjoy the rest of the weekend and I hope you all have a great week!

Question: Have you ever joined in a monthly challenge before? What was it for? Do you enjoy them?

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  1. Hey Laura,

    It's great to see how you're maintaining your healthy lifestyle - you run so much! I'm like the opposite - yoga every day but running is completely new to me. I'd like to keep it up though! I hope you hit your fitness goals and overall see how all of this is so good, even if you don't meet all your them.

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

  2. @Besma Thanks honey! Yes, I run a lot for training, I don't enjoy it so much but Im hoping it will come in time, the health benefits far outweigh my dislike for it :)

    I'd like to practice Yoga more too. I do my daily challenges which is great but I'd like to put some more time into it.. and it goes well with Running for a good stretch :)


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