Sum It Up.. Sunday!


Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday, I hope you've all had a great week/weekend

This week has been MEGA busy for me, I feel like I've not stopped all week!
Swimming - It was pretty hard this week! We focused more on leg work and by the end of the lesson I was completely knackered! Front crawl is still going well but I need to try and make sure that I breath on every 3 strokes rather than 2 as it's getting me out of breath pretty quick.

However,breathing on every 3 strokes is SO hard when Im so used to every 2, it's like learning all over again. I've just gotta keep practicing. I'm consistently doing full lengths without having to stop so I'd say I'm doing pretty well.

4 x Running - Did 3 of my runs this week out of my 4 scheduled. I was away in London on Friday quite early and wasn't back till quite late so I wasn't able to fit in that run.

I did all the others though. I had my 7 mile long run today and it went pretty well. I actually ran with music this time which helped and I think also running half of it cross country was easier on my legs but I can't do that all the time since none of my HM will be cross country.

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Yoga - I've been struggling this week with the Yoga challenge. I've completed all the days but I've been SO close to calling it quits. I kinda feel like the challenge isn't really for beginner beginners. There have been a lot of poses this week where I've looked at the beginner version of the pose and wondered how the hell anyone is able to do it.
I've  got to try and stop comparing myself to other people as it's really damaging to my yoga confidence. I've been looking at other peoples photos for the yoga challenge and seeing everyone doing perfectly with no problems, yet I seem to be struggling. It's been getting me quite frustrated. To the point where I have been almost dreading doing the next pose.

I'm hoping the poses ease off and become a bit easier. I wont be giving up on the challenge as we're almost done..but somethings got to give!

Misc - My other challenges have been seriously slacking this week. I was OK at the start of the week and then as the week got busier, I started to miss a day, then had to do two days in a row. My legs have been pretty sore from the increase in reps and its making them SO tired for runs. Im back to normal as of next week so i'm just going to start off on the day we're at rather than trying to catch up.

Food has been so-so this week. I've had 4 days where I've eaten out for lunch or dinner for events so it's not been the best of weeks.  I've not gone all out for the meals, they've just been standard meals which isn't too bad and I've been making healthy choices for snacks and other meals to make up for the extra intake this week.

Like I said, everything is back to normal next week so I should be back to a normal eating schedule.

Plan For Next Week
I did say last week that I wanted to increase my water and change my normal teas to green teas, I have been doing this quite successfully.

I actually tried the Cherry Bakewell flavour from Twinings Tea and it's quite good. I'm still trying to get acquired to the taste of green tea, it still tastes quite weird and I almost feel as though it's not sweet enough... darn sweet tooth. I'm hoping the more I drink it, the more I'll get used to it.

This week, I want to keep my water up to help rid the excess water I'll be holding onto this week. I generally just want to get back on track, have a nice, balanced week with good food choices and get back to a routine again.


I'll have a couple of posts going up this week, one of which will be my post on the Stella Sports VIP Day that happened Friday where I got to meet the gorgeous Jordan from MyGeneralLife. She's just the best and I miss her already! So keep your eyes peeled for a blog post on that.

I'll also have a YT video going up tomorrow with a haul of everything that I got from the event, so if you are interested in what I got, then go and subscribe to my channel and you'll be updated when it goes live! :)

Question: Ever tried Green Tea? What did you think?Any favourites?

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