Sum It Up.. Sunday!


Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday and Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there! :)

We're back for another recap of my week! It was much the same as last week but it's all for accountability! ;) 

I hope you've all had a great week and weekend! :)
Swimming - Swimming was good as usual, we were practicing backstroke and breaststroke for a little while this week. Backstroke has always been something I've been fairly good at since starting my lessons(I used to be terrified prior to my lessons as I hated not being able to see what was underneath me or where I was swimming).

Breast stroke still needs a lot of work. Since front crawl is my primary focus for swimming atm, I don't get much time to work on it, so hopefully it will just click one day like front crawl did!

4 x Running - All of my training runs completed again this week. Things changed up slightly this week and I am now doing an easy run, tempo run, speed run and long run during the week. The tempo and speed runs were fairly new to me and they're quite hard but I'm getting used to them.

I have done a video this week on the different types of training runs and a little into my schedule. I'm gonna be doing a blog post on my half marathon training schedule so people will know what types of runs I do during the week.

My long run kinda sucked this week. I fight with myself every Sunday to get out for my long run as I really dislike them. I'm hoping this eases slightly. My time was the same as last week too so there's not really been any improvements. I'm hoping the speed runs and tempo runs during the week will help to improve my times naturally.

Yoga - I've still been doing the #JourneytoHandstand challenge this month. It's pretty tough.. I've also had a couple of tumbles this month trying to do handstands and it's almost caused injury so I really need to be careful. It's still motivating me to get in a bit of yoga practice during the day, even if it's just 10-15 minutes.
Misc - These challenges are getting SO hard! The reps are getting to the point now where I need to take breaks in between which is fine with me but they're SO tiring and get my heart pumping so they're doing their job!

I have still continued to stray away from any chocolate, cake and biscuits this week. I've had the odd healthy dessert after dinner but nothing other than those.

I've still been continuing with high protein for breakfast and lunch and it's working really well. On the days where I run and do my challenges in the morning, I've been trying out some protein powder as shakes that I've received recently and they've been working quite well.

Increased protein is definitely keeping me sustained and less hungry. I'm hardly snacking throughout the day so that can only be a good thing!

Plan For Next Week
There's not much to really comment on for last weeks plans as I've already spoken about them in the post already, I've been sticking to my challenges and my training schedule and I've been making healthy choices for food so everything is going really well.

I do want to try and up my water intake. I want to swap my cups of tea for green tea or water and just generally try to take in more water and hydrate myself. I also want to make sure that I have a glass of water pre-run during the week so I make sure I'm hydrating, sometimes I've been slacking and it makes me feel awful.

This week is going to be massively busy and might not contain as many healthy choices. I've got a work outing on Tuesday for Bowling and a meal.. there aren't any healthy choices on the menu and I can't really refuse to eat so I'll just pick the best choice. On Tuesday evening, I have a meal with the family, some of P's relatives are coming down and we're all going out for food.

On Friday, I have a special event that I'm going to in London which is SUPER exciting. I'll explain more when all the details are confirmed and everything is 100% but as long as it does, I'll be meeting Jordan from My General Life which is even more exciting! I can't wait to see her.

Theeeeeeen on Saturday, I'm back in London for the XFactor Live Tour which I'm excited for too.

So yeah! I've a really busy week and it might be filled some unhealthy choices but I'll do my best!


So, that's it for this week! A positive week this week and a busy week ahead.. what could go wrong?! ;)

Question: How much water do you drink daily? do you try and get the recommended daily 8 glasses?

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