Sum It Up.. Sunday!


Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday! 

I've had a fairly good week, yaaaay! Though I'm cursed with bad luck and I seem to be breaking everything lately. I went to film my Youtube Video for this week and ended up dropping my camera and cracking the screen. GUTTED. Thankfully, its just a crack and it still works.

That's 3 things I've broken as of laptop, my phone and now my camera. They say things come in threes right?! Hopefully, that's it!

Let's find out what else I got up to this week!
3 x Running - All short runs(under 3 miles). Phillips Brothers Partner was due to have her baby at the start of this week, Phillips Mums partner had been looking after their horse dog for a few days and we were looking after his dog. So I've had postpone HM training start as someone needed to take the dog out in the morning and I was the only one available.

Swimming - Still going well. In fact.. However, I got a little cocky at one point. I was asked to demonstrate to the others in the lesson how to push off the wall and glide at the top of the water(so the rest could see where your body is supposed to be positioned). My ego got a boost and after the demonstration, I seemed to forget everything and was taking in pool water constantly.

YOGA! - Wahey! I am pretty excited to even have this labelled today. It wasn't much, about 10 minutes practice, however, it's a start. If you're following me on Instagram then you'll know that I am joining in on a Yoga Instagram challenge and it's actually encouraging me to get on the mat for some practice, plus Jordan from My General Life is my accountability buddy ;) <3 you girl!
Pants from Buddha Pants - Code laura_fat2fit_10 for 10% off.
Tank from Sweaty Betty
There's actually not much to report food wise for this week. I've been keeping my main meals nice and healthy, I've been having porridge for Breakfast, Salads for Lunch  and the usual protein/veg combo for my evening meals.

Snacking hasn't been too bad, some days are better than others. Some days I won't feel the need to snack on anything and my main meals suffice, other days, I'm literally like a bottomless pit and constantly feel hungry. My water intake has been much higher this week as I've been trying wondering if it's thirst rather than hunger. However, sometimes I've just had to give in, but tried to keep it healthier.

Plan For Next Week
Like I said, earlier, my half marathon training start had to be postponed this week, however, I'm on for my first run on Tuesday this coming week. Things have been pretty busy with the incoming baby in the family(who is now here and beautiful!) and not knowing if we will be on call for anything, so it's been hard to plan this week.

I'm happy that I still managed to get in 3 runs, a bit of yoga practice and my swimming this week.

As for next week, I'm not going to go into too much detail as I have a post that is planned for tomorrow that will explain everything that I intend on doing for this month. My plan is literally to: STICK TO THE PLAN.


If you missed it, I wrote a blog post yesterday on Exercising on a Low Budget, which includes a little Youtube video . So if you're interested, you can find that post HERE.

I also put up a blog post earlier today with my Monthly stats for February, you can check that out HERE.

Question: What was the last thing that you broke?

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  1. I am very much loving yours and Jordan's handstand journeys - you're both doing a fantastic job!

    For what it is worth, I cracked the screen on my phone twice last year (the second time was within 2 weeks of getting the first crack fixed! Argh!). It is frustrating.

  2. @Steph Thanks Lovely! I love Jordan, she's just the best and she's keeping me totally motivated during these challenges! Its great to have someone to keep you accountable :)

    Oh no! Sounds awful. Thankfully, they were really quick with repairing it and I was only without for a couple of days. I'm being extra careful now. I should probably get a bubble to put myself in so I don't break anything else. xD


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