Sum It Up.. Sunday


Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday! 

Waahey! After last week.. I seemed to have had a really good start to the month and I'm excited to let you all know about how my week has gone!

Today, I've been looking after Phillips Brothers 6yr old.. and it is SO much hard work. I definitely don't think I have the patience just yet to have my own child. He just wouldn't keep occupied with one thing and always wanted to do something else! He settled eventually, just before his dad came to pick him up... Waaaa! xD

So that was that. Anyway! Onto this week!
Swimming - Went better than I expected. I am doing full lengths every time now, I don't have to stop half way down the pool. My coach is very impressed with my progress and asked how many times I come to practice during the week. I haven't been practicing at all during the week except for my swimming lesson(I know, bad me! but I was afraid people would get pissed at me stopping half way).

She was surprised that I'd come so far so fast over the last couple of weeks and assumed that i was practicing mid week. She asked me to stay behind at the end of the lesson to swim with the big boys and girls in their lesson. I almost pooped myself I was so nervous!

I did manage to do 2 full lengths with them but I was knackered after my lesson before hand so I got out but I'm so proud of myself for trying and I can definitely see that I am getting better!

4 x Running All four half marathon runs for this week have been completed. I had 3 x 30 min easy runs for my first week into Half Marathon training and then a 6 mile run this weekend.

If you are following me on Twitter, you will know that I was less than impressed about getting up so early to conquer a long run. I figured I may come back early and only do around 4 miles but I stuck it out and did all 6 miles.
I also managed to beat my time from the Winter Run in February(which I did in 1 hr 5 mins). Today's 6 mile I did in 1hr 2 mins.. so I've shaved 3 mins off my time. Woo Hoo!

YogaI've still being doing yoga daily. As I mentioned, I'm doing the #JourneyToHandstand challenge and I've been practicing Yoga daily as well as getting in some Handstand Practice at the same time.

I've worked out that I literally have no core or upper body strength at all. It's quite pathetic.. but I'm determined to build it up now! :)

Misc - I've been doing challenges all this week which include ab exercises and leg exercises. I'm doing 3 of them in total for the month and they're all going well. The reps are going up and up though and it's getting pretty hard! I will just have to start breaking them up once they get too high.

I've literally had no cakes, biscuits or sweets of any kind this week and I'm quite proud of myself. Instead, I've been having high protein foods at breakfast and lunch to help me stay feeling fuller for longer and I haven't found the need to snack on anything at all in between meals.

I've been having protein pancakes a few times this week, I have been using a Pancake Mix that I got sent to me by MyProtein and they're delicious and SO filling. I don't even need the full serving size they suggest and the pancakes keep me full up until lunch.

For lunch I've been having tuna/chicken salads which have been really good too and my evening meals are much the same as usual.

Snacking has been the major difference this week. if I have had a snack, it's been a healthier option such as a Nakd/9 Bar, fruit or my own homemade snacks, like this Protein Banana Bread that I made!

I'm definitely going to keep this going as long as possible. I've noticed a positive increase in my energy levels since I've been paying more attention to the types of food that I put in my body.

Plan For Next Week
So, last week I said that I had several plans for this week. I made a post on those plans that you can see HERE if you missed them.

Everything is going to plan so far and I'm so happy about it! My Half Marathon training for this week was a sucess and I completed all the runs set out. I've been doing my challenges without fail and I've actually been enjoying them too.

And the ofc I wanted to stay away from treats/chocolates/cakes/biscuits and all that bad stuff and that has been a success too. I've managed to stay away from it all. I've declined cake when I've been offered and I've been really committed to making healthier choices with my food and it's been going really well.

I just want to continue with the plans that I have set. Continue to do the runs that I have set out for the week, continue my challenges like I have been this week and continue to make healthier choices in my life. There's not much else to add here, I don't want to bombard myself with a list of things that I MUST do for the week as it will just get overwhelming.


So, that's it for this week! A very positive and successful week for me that I can only hope will continue on into next week and for the rest of the month!

Question: Do you usually plan for the week? Do you plan your workouts/meals for the week?

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  1. Well done on getting that 6 miles in! That's great. I'm training for a half marathon too and had a 6 mile run today. It was raining so I wasn't impressed, but it stopped about a mile into the run so that was fine.

    I thought I'd finally comment, I've been reading your weekly/monthly updates for a while now!

    Corinne x

  2. @Corinne C Thanks Girl! :) and well done to you too! :)

    I'm stuggling mentally with Long Runs.. as I'm a short run girl.. I hope that i'll break out of it and start to enjoy running more now I'm training towards something :)

    What HM are you training for? :) x


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