Run or Dye! You Decide!


As many of you already know if you follow me on social media, I'm 4 weeks into my Half Marathon Training. To say that half marathon training is a breeze would be a complete and utter lie. If I was to be really honest, it is TOUGH and I'm really struggling to find that 'love' for running but that's for another post that will be coming soon.

All the runners I know actually ENJOY running, whereas, thus far.. it takes so much effort to get out of the door. I want to try and do some more FUN runs/races to try and find that love for running that I missing.

That's where this post comes in!
Run or Dye is the worlds most colourful 5K! It's perfect for ANYONE to join! the event isn't timed so you can run/walk or even dance the course if you wanted! Sound good so far?

Whilst you're travelling the along the course, you get showered with safe, eco-friendly, plant based powdered dye at every km. I've seen pictures from past events.. and you get COVERED. It looks so fun! Exactly what I need!
But it doesn't just end there, when you cross the finish line, you'll find yourself in the middle of a colourstorm at the Finish Festival where you can jam out with some awesome MCs and you get to Tie-Dye the sky!

Its a great event to do with your friends or family(Kids 6 and Under are FREE!). Like I said, EVERYONE can do this, whether you've never run before or you're a marathoner, the event is not timed and it's more about having fun!

Not convinced yet?! Watch this video to see Run or Dye in action!

If you're interested in Run or Dye, then you can visit to find a race near you. Entries are £27.50, however, if you use the code KISDISCOUNT, you'll get £3 off your race entry! :D

Are you in?!

Question: Have you heard of Run or Dye? Have you ever done any sort of Fun Run? What was it?

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  1. I did a run or dye last was great fun, managed to preserve my shirt as a memento too ☺ xx

  2. @Jordan Burrell yeah, sounds like great fun! I'm looking forward to it. Cool that you managed to preserve your t-shirt! :D I might try if its not too messy!

  3. I just sprayed small sections with white vinegar and ironed it thoroughly. Then I left it to dry for a while and washed it to get the stink it. It's not as vibrant as it was but the colour is still there :) xx

  4. So cool! I wouldn't have thought to do something like that! :D Awesome!


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