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For full disclosure purposes, I received some products from MyProtein for free in return for an honest review. I am not being paid to talk or advertise their products. All opinions of the product are my own.

So, I've been saying for a while that I wanted to try and increase my protein intake. As most of us will all know, having a high protein intake, especially when working out is imperative for building and repairing muscle after a workout. You can get protein in many forms such as fish, meat, nuts and seeds, Greek Yoghurt, eggs and many more!

For others, they need a quick and more convenient way to have protein after a workout and this can be through protein powders and protein bars.

I got some products kindly sent to me by MyProtein to try out and I was pretty excited for all of them.
I received some Impact Whey Protein in Cinnamon Danish and it is pretty delicious! I tried it with water and with milk, milk is definitely a better option but this flavour tastes exactly like a cinnamon pastry that you might get from the bakers. I was definitely impressed. I also tried the protein powder with some plain porridge and it was delicious!

I'd never actually tried any protein powder or had a protein shake prior to trying this so I was really impressed with the flavour. I've heard many people talk about protein powders tasting quite chalky but this definitely wasn't the case here.

There are also FIFTY flavours of protein powder to choose from on the website which is ridiculous! I'm pretty sure there's something for everyone. I did request a Cherry Bakewell flavour.. so maybe they'll do that at some point ;)

I also received a Protein Pancake Mix in Chocolate and I REALLY enjoyed these. You just take 50g of the powder with 150-200ml of milk, mix it together and then start making your pancakes!
The pancakes were really good! and quite thick and fluffy when I made them too which was a surprise. I'm usually used to thin flat pancakes but these were a treat. I actually halved the mixture as I found that I was really full after just a few pancakes, especially if you decide to put any toppings on your pancakes like Greek yogurt, honey, fruit, PB etc.

I also received a selection of their some of their protein bars/cookies. I tried the Oats & Whey Flapjack in Chocolate & PB, Dbl Chocolate Chip Protein CookieProtein Chox in Cookies and Cream, HighPro Bar in Vanilla & Honeycomb and the Virtue Bar in Double Chocolate.

I actually really liked the taste, flavour and texture of all of the bars, my favourite was definitely the cookie. I'm a massive fan of soft and chewy cookies over crunchy ones so this was RIGHT up my alley. I might have to get my hands on the other flavours. The Protein Chox was second favourite as it tasted like fudge in chocolate and was delicious!
All of the bars I tried were packed with flavour and I really enjoyed them, they also pack a decent amount of protein per bar, ranging from 20 grams upwards on most of the bars. I actually halved some of these bars and had half after a run in the morning and half after a workout in the evening as a whole bar sometimes was too much for me. They kept me full for quite a long time after a workout which was perfect since that's exactly what I wanted to help reduce snacking.


MyProtein has a range of everything on their website like bread, pasta, protein bars, they also do Nut Butter! They also do a range of supplements, clothing and energy bars too and there are so many flavour choices to choose from, which can be a bad or a good thing, you could spend hours debating which flavour to get! ;)

Their website also has recipes and training plans which is a nice addition. I also really like the fact that they have a review section for their products so you can see from others what they thought of the different flavours if you aren't too sure.

They're definitely worth taking a look if you need more ways to get protein into your diet after a workout/exercise and there's a whole range of things to try out.

As I know there's a lot of ladies that read my blog, there's a section of the MyProtein website specifically designed with women in mind that contains products that are better suited for women, including supplements, clothing, training plans and articles! You can check that section out HERE.

Thanks again to MyProtein for the opportunity to try out some of their products!

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Question: How do you get enough protein in your diet? Have you ever tried MyProtein?

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  1. I love the myprotein website - so much to choose from!
    I use their instant oats, impact whey protein & the huge tubs of almond butter keep me going for a while! The only thing i haven't liked from them was the Salted Caramel flavour protein :(

  2. @Christy Bridge Yeah, I was almost overwhelmed with the amount of choice and flavours to choose from!

    Definitely might have to get a tub of their nut butter to try out. I've never tried any flavour nut butter other than PB so this might be my chance! :D

    Whats your favourite flavour of protein? :)

  3. Great review! I just did one for the yesterday for the oat flour (made pancakes!) and the lemon bars. I love the flavor - not fake or hard to get down LOL

  4. Thanks @mary They've been really great for flavour. I've always heard that protein powder and mixes can taste quite chalky, but I dont get that with MyProtein, it's great :) Oat flour sounds interesting!


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