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The Om Yoga Magazine is something that I look forward to every month, this month was no different. This months article is jam packed as usual with lots of different articles on different subjects, there's something for every Yogi!

This month, the special report was on Ethical Yoga Clothing! Now.. Fitness clothing is something I own more of that regular clothing, so this months magazine was a joy for me to read. Although I wont be able to own all of the pieces, I can lust over them and they're fantastic prints and designs!

The article talks about how yoga is not just about your time on the mat, but also about your everyday decisions and moments. Yoga is just as much about your mind as it is your body. I've definitely noticed a difference in my presence and my decisions since starting yoga and it has made me more mindful and aware of how I express myself.

This concept extends to other things, such as our food choices and clothing choices. A lot of people who do yoga(or any sport/activity for that matter) make a decision to change their eating habits and take on a healthier approach to eating. This to some is going vegan/vegetarian, to others it might be buying organic produce. It may just be a simple decision to cut out their junk food.

The same extends to yoga clothing, I know a lot of people that wear clothing for yoga that has been made by a company with the environment in mind such as those that support poor communities, charitable concerns or source the purest materials.

We all have to wear something when we do yoga(unless you're a naked yoga convert) and more and more people and companies are buying/making Ethical Yoga Clothing. So, since most have to wear clothing for yoga, why not buy something that makes a difference in the world? More and more people are becoming aware or how products are being made and are consciously choosing whether or not it fits their values and standards.

Ethical Clothing can come with a hefty price tag, however, higher priced items/clothing are usually also MUCH better quality, made with care and attention rather than mass produced and cheap that fall apart rather quickly and do you really know how/what the product was made with?

Here are some of the Ethical Yoga Clothing brands that were featured in the magazine this month, some I own personally, some I've heard of, others I've never heard of.. but all that are making a difference and that's awesome!

Buddha Pants
I had to mention these first purely because I have several of their pants already and I freaking LOVE them. I first discovered Buddha Pants at the Om Yoga Show last year and I've been in love ever since. They're my favorite yoga pants to wear!
Their Mission: "to create organic, fun, comfy, multi-functional garments just for you!"

Buddha Pants is a clothing company dedicated to creating multi-functional travel ready apparel, focusing on comfort & encouraging an active lifestyle. The only harem pant that packs into its pocket!
Click Photos for Bigger Scale
I can vouch for these guys, their pants are amazing quality, made from organic cotton and they're SUPER soft and comfy with some pretty awesome prints. PLUS they're pretty awesome people too!

I have a code for Buddha Pants which is: laura_fat2fit_10 if you're interested in getting 10% off your order!

Teeki Activewear is actually made from recycled Plastic Bottles! Something that a majority of us use and recycle on a daily basis! Each pair of leggings uses around 25 bottles.

Their printing process produces ZERO waste compared to screen printing where mass amounts of water are used to to dye the products. There is no polluted water waste or ground contamination here!
All their designs and prints are beautiful and I wouldn't mind owning a pair of them! They also make shorts, crops, bell bottomed trousers and tops too!

Fit Clothing
I'd never heard or come across this company before I read the magazine this month and I was pleasantly surprised! Fit Clothing's focus is on creating fully functional, versatile and affordable fashionable wear. They have some really cute pieces and some great printed leggings and all of their clothing pieces are at affordable prices that everyone can afford.
No Balls
This is another company that I've had my eye on for a while now a they have some beautiful, simplistic pieces. No Balls use eco-friendly bamboo to produce their clothing which makes them natural, breathable and anti-bacterial. They have everything from bras and vests, to harem pants and jumpsuits
I own a couple of t-shirts that are made from Bamboo and they're the softest things I own and so stretchy and comfortable, so I imagine that these would be much the same! No balls don't just cater for yoga either, they have different clothing for a variety of sports and activities.

Yoga Emporium
Another brand I've never heard of but their clothing is beautiful. Yoga Emporium is committed to bringing high quality, unique yoga wear. They source the highest performing materials and ensure their manufacturers are committed to sustainable and ethical production.
I LOVE the prints on their Dharmabums Leggings!


There were so many other great Ethical Yoga Clothing brands mentioned that I've been checking out.. my list of yoga clothing 'wants' just seems to be getting bigger and bigger!

If you love Yoga.. or maybe even if you're just starting to get into yoga, I HIGHLY recommend picking up a copy of  Om Yoga Magazine. There were articles this month on relieving stress, articles for yoga teachers and of course the usual yoga sequences and How To's that I enjoy a lot! There's also a recipe section which is always great and the magazine also has stories about people from all walks of life that do yoga and how it has changed their life. There's definitely a lot to keep people occupied!


If you're interested in the magazine and you want to subscribe, you can subscribe HERE or click the ad below. Each magazine is £1.99 or you can get a 6 or 12 month subscription(£8.99/£16.99). The Magazine is also available to people in the US too, WooHoo!
OM Yoga Magazine
Question: Do you like to know how/what goes into the products that you use/eat? 

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  1. Love the look of these brands, will have to take a closer look at them. I agree that if you're going to use them a lot then sometimes it's worth paying a little bit more for good quality

  2. @Helen Monger Yeah, I tend to only really get the more expensive brands now unless I know a cheaper brand is good quality. I can definitely tell the difference between my more expensive pieces to my cheaper pieces.

  3. Hello there….I like the valuable information you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. I am quite sure I will learn many new stuff right here! Best of luck for the next! Thank you so much for sharing


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