My Plans for March


So, I had my Monthly Stats for Yesterday. February was quite a stressful month for me, progress was none existent. I let things get on top of me and it hindered my progress for last month.

March began and I realized that I have a month until I'm 1 month post op(where I go back to my surgeon) and only 3 months till my holiday and to get my body in the shape that I want where I will be happy and comfortable in a bikini and not self conscious.

So, I came up with a plan of what I wanted to do in the month of March and it's pretty jam packed!

Firstly, I'm starting Half Marathon training this week, my first run is tomorrow. Part of me is sort of looking forward to training for another HM.. the other half of me is dreading it because I know that I don't like doing long runs.

I have a training plan all setup and ready to go, I'll be running 4 times a week on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. That's already one more run than I'm used to per week. I'm going to be doing a new video on my youtube channel about the specifics of my training and everything like that!

Other than HM training, I've decided that the best way to incorporate Yoga and Cross training into my routine is to join in with some Challenges. So, this month I'm doing the following challenges:

Alo Yoga #JourneyToHandstand Challenge
Blogilates #30DayThighChallenge
Running Bug Ab Challenge
UK Run Chat - 30 Day Squat and Lunge Challenge

It's A LOT to commit to, but it's been doable so far, the challenges don't take very long to complete, it gets me in some extra activity throughout the day and it's motivating me, which is what I need right now!

The Yoga challenge is one of my main focuses as it's something that is making me practice Yoga on a daily practice. I do a short video or two to warm up and then do the practice on the pose for that day, it's actually working out pretty well.
On top of the challenges, I'm trying to cut out sweets, chocolate, biscuits. Basically any junk food that I don't really NEED to put in my body at all.. except the odd treat for dessert some days. I'd like to drink more water and limit my snacking throughout the day.

I've been doing it the last two days and It's going well. Today I had a high protein breakfast and lunch and I've actually felt really full and satisfied and not had the need to snack at all.

Basically, I'm making March my month. No more excuses, no more failure months, this time I'm going to kick ass. If there's no progress at the end of this month, given that I stick to my plans fully, then I'm not sure where I will go from there but I can't say I will be in a good place mentally, but I'm gonna give it everything I've got and we'll see where I end up!


Question: Did you achieve everything you wanted in February? What are your goals for March?

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  1. Trust the process Laura, you'll get there! I felt like I was finally getting somewhere with my goals but then ended up sick for over a week & I'm back to square one! 1 step forward & 2 steps back, so frustrating! March is the month though, let's do this!

    Christy x

  2. @Christy Bridge Thanks Lovely, Yes, I have to trust the process! :) I have had a few set backs, I had a few months off any activity due to surgery, then it was hard to build back strength and endurance, I've had a couple of setbacks like getting ill and stubbing/breaking my toe.. so I'm probably doing OK given the circumstances.

    We can kick butt this month! :D x


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