Monthly Stats // February


I can't believe how fast February went by. I feel like I closed my eyes for a second and we've skipped a whole month. It must be because February is a shorter month than the rest but geez.

This month has been a month that has tested me. It's been quite stressful, particularly towards the end of the month and I've struggled.

I had a good sit down to think last night before the beginning of a new month. To figure out what I want to achieve this month and how I'm going to achieve them. I need to focus on myself. Sort out the things that are stressing me out and get out of this god awful funk I've been in as of late. and I think most people know that you can't really make progress when you're stressed.

So, I made a plan.. I'll explain in more detail in another post that will probably go up tomorrow, but I've pretty much planned everything down to a T and as long as I stick to them, I should see some good progress this month.

So look out for another post tomorrow to find out what I'll be up to this month! but for now, we'll get onto my stats for this month.

Last Weight: 156.6 lbs

Today's Weight: 155.8 lbs

Loss/Gain This Week: -0.8 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 102.2 lbs
Could be better, but the stress I've been under this month has definitely not helped any of my progress. I'm happy with the 0.8 lb loss. Even more so, because I forgot to weigh in this morning so I had eaten prior to this weigh in.. So I'm probably lower than this.


Last Months Measurements:
Neck: 12 | Chest: 32 | Waist: 28 | Belly: 35 | Hips: 36
Left Bicep: 11.5 | Right Bicep: 12 | Left Forearm: 9 | Right Forearm: 9
Left Thigh: 23 | Right Thigh: 23.5 | Left Calf: 15.5 | Right Calf: 16

Changes this month:
No changes this month. All measurements are exactly the same as last month.

Better than them going up!  I expect some of these to be coming down for my next months measurements! I hope!

No dramatic changes this month,goes part in parcel with no change in measurements. I'm not disappointed, there's no point. I don't want to start off March on a low.

It's also  incredibly hard to get photos in the exact same sport with the same lighting for each picture. We all know how lighting can effect progress pictures and alter the perception and make it look like things have changed when it's just a lighting change. SO annoying!


So, another not-so-good month for stats but something I won't shy away from sharing with you all. The reality is that these things happen, life gets in the way, things don't always go as planned but the main thing is that I need to try and recover from this. I like to share every part of my journey with you all and keep this real.

As I mentioned earlier, I'll have a blog post up tomorrow explaining my plans for the month of March. I'm hoping to turn this around and have something positive to report!

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