Sum It Up.. Sunday!


Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday! 

I'm having a bad week. Everything seems to be against me and today proved that quite well. Last week I mentioned that my laptop broke, this week I managed to drop my phone and smash the screen so now I have to get that fixed. ugh..

I tell you, it's ridiculously hard to adjust to not having a mobile phone when you've had one for YEARS. It should do me good to be away from it but at the moment it's just weird. I keep checking it even when I don't hear notifications and even though I know its broken! xD

I hope your week has been kinder to you than mine has!  Here's what I got up to this week exercise and food wise.
4 x Running - I did 3 short 1 mile runs on Weds, Thus and Friday and then did a 2.8 mile run with two of the dogs and Phillip this morning, I was supposed to be doing a 3 mile run but the dogs were really flagging today and they kept wanting to stop so we just took them home!

Swimming - Swimming lesson as usual on Monday. Swimming is going REALLY well and my tutor is really happy with my progress. I'm still on Front Crawl and trying to improve my technique.

At the moment I'm breathing on every two strokes, which happens to be on the same side every time I breath(rotating my body left and breathing to the right). My swim tutor is encouraging me to try and breath on every 3 strokes and to try and encourage breathing on both sides rather than just one side. It's proving rather difficult when I've just got used to breathing on one side.

When I try to take a breath from the left side, I seem to take in water as I'm no rotating enough, it's just going to take more practice.

Cleaning?! - This counts as exercise if I'm cleaning the house and dancing at the same time, right?! I've become pretty obsessed with Maroon 5 recently, I've got all the albums sycned on my phone(which I can no longer use, DOH!and I've been listening to their songs over and over)

Not much has changed food wise this week. I've been having a good nourishing breakfast each day which I'm happy has continued and I've gotten myself into a good morning routine to make sure that I fit in some breakfast.

Lunches has been pretty basic but still fairly healthy and filling. I've been having a wholemeal toasted bagel with some Light Egg Mayo on top which has been keeping me pretty sustained and it's pretty yummy.

Dinners is same as always, I'm still getting in my veggies for my evening meals. I could do with getting in more fruit and veg during the day to meet my 5 a day but I'm not overly concerned.

I have had a few naughty chocolate bars this week which isn't a usual but I wanted them and therefore gave myself a treat, we all need them every once in a while and I don't usually have a chocolate bar very often.

This is what I'll tell myself.. ;)

Plan For Next Week
Whomp Whomp! Yoga didn't happen this week. I don't know what is going on. It just doesn't seem to be at the forefront of my mind right now. I have done my four runs for this week and my swim lesson which is great exercise wise and I can feel the 'want' to do yoga and other forms of exercise but I don't make time for them.

So this is my plan for this week: Find a balance, find a routine that works for me and a schedule for the week. I'm not going to try and get on the mat every day just because it will feel like a chore but a couple of times when I feel like it, I want to MAKE time for it.

I think that I'll be starting half marathon training as of next week too. I've mentioned in a video a few weeks back for my Great North Run training that I wanted to try and fit in another Half Marathon before the GNR. I'm looking at one in May so I ideally want to be starting soon, so I've decided that this week is gonna be IT!

Wish me luck! I'm gonna need it for long runs since I hate them so much.. xD Hopefully, running a lot will encourage me to do some Yoga and Stretching so hopefully win win!


If you missed it, I wrote a blog post yesterday on Running Kit Essentials, which includes a little Youtube video with MY running kit essentials and some of the items I used. So if you're interested, you can find that post HERE.

Question: Tell me some of your favourite songs on your playlist right now? I'm looking to update mine ready for HM training.

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  1. You know what normally follows a bad week?
    A good ole stonkingly fun, positive happy week :D got all your run's in, you improved on your swimming and ate well - Sounds good to me!
    I find a good playlist or nice company really helps on long run's (company for slow run's and music to up the tempo)...being a 80/90's child I listen to a lot of old dance music as I find that really helps, there are some good running complications on Itunes (Esp the Ministry Of Sound ones)..
    May is a brilliant time to run a 'pre: TNR' CAN do it..It will be so nice to have someone else who was a huge short run lover training too. Mine is in a few weeks but since I've put the effort in I may enter another shortly after whilst I have the drive.

  2. @Katie G Thanks Girl! I just feel like I've had so-so weeks for quite a while. It's about time I made them better!

    I'll have a look at the MoS ones, dance tracks always get me pumped up!

    Yeah, There's a HM in our town that I did the year before last as my first half marathon so I may do that one again in May and try and beat my last time I did for it. Should be good.:)

    I'm thinking of joining a running club just to help me get through the runs and have someone to run with since there is noone else, i've not decided yet but deffo leaning towards it.

    Thanks for your support as always!


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