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Hi Everyone, I hope you're all having a great weekend.

Today's Post is all about what I think are some running essentials and what a runner should have in their kit!
If you're thinking about starting running or you're just getting started and you're not sure what you need for your running kit, then you're in the right place.

I will provide you with some Running Kit Essentials that you need to start running, these will be  everything that you should need to get started and not everything the shop assistant wants you to buy!

I've been there before when I've gone into a running store, unsure of what kit I needed to get started and I was bombarded with a massive list of things that I need to buy.  Hopefully this post can help you find out and understand what you truly need to get started with running!

To be honest, the only thing you TRULY need to get started with running is a decent pair of shoes!(and for women a good sports bra!)
A running shoe is the SINGLE most important thing that you will need for your running kit. You want a shoe that is designed solely for running and not any other sport. Otherwise, the shoe may fail to provide you with the comfort, stability and support that a running shoe can provide.
I'm sure I've mentioned MANY times before, but in order to find a good shoe that fits correctly and is best for you, you should probably do a gait analysis.

This is where clothing comes in, and in particular, sweat wicking clothing. Wicking Clothing moves the sweat away from your body, to the outer surface of the fabric where it can then evaporate. Wicking clothing is also lightweight, is breathable and keeps you cool.

It's also a good idea to have different sorts of clothing for the different weather. Shorts, Crops and Long Tights will have you covered along with some short and long sleeved t-shirts.

For Women a High Impact Sports Bra is a MUST. No matter what size bust you are, you need to be wearing a high impact sports bra when running(small breasts can sag and be painful too!).
Another piece of clothing for running is a good pair of running socks. Socks that come up to the ankle are the best for running, they can protect the foot and ankle from rubbing against your shoes and causing blisters.

A Lightweight Jacket makes running in the rain and wind more bearable. The jacket should be breathable and have plenty of vents and shouldn't be bulky, heavy or restrict movement.
A Water Bottle is another essential item for running. It goes without saying that it's incredibly important to make sure that you stay hydrated before, during and after a run. You can lose more than alitre of water in an hour through sweat so it's very important that you replace those fluids.

A GPS Watch OR a Tracking App is another popular running item these days. As a beginner, this isn't as important, however, the more you get into running, the more you might be interested in the stats for your run such as the distance that you're running, how long it takes you, your splits per mile ect.
Running Headphones, not essential, but a lot of runners like to have music to listen to. It helps them zone out and just focus on running. It's good to have headphones that are NOT noise cancelling as you need to be able to still hear your surroundings! and preferably headphones that don't fall out when you run!

ID Tags are not a must but something every runner should consider. Most people will have heard tragic stories of runners that have been hit by cars or sometimes, or maybe a runner collapses. If they're found, an ID of some sort on the runner can help out a lot and can help to inform an emergency contact.

So thats everything that I have in my Running Kit and everything that I think is important for a runners kit. If you have any questions at all about running or running gear then feel free to ask away and I'll try to answer as best I can!

You can check out my video below where I share my Running Kit Essentials and show you some of the items that I personally use when I go running:

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Question: Tell me one of your running essentials!

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  1. omg @ the video! I LOVE IT!

    One essential thing: Shoes.:)

  2. Heather Winterton22 February 2015 at 16:05

    Great post Laura. Where did you get your ID tag from?

  3. @Tiffany @ The Chi-Athlete Thanks! Getting the knack for making videos but it can be quite stressful! hah! ;) Thanks for watching!

    Definitely shoes are #1 for runners I reckon! and Sports bra for second!

  4. Thanks @Heather WintertonI got my tag from - they have a range of colours and they do other forms of ID's,not just tags, so they're pretty cool :)


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