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Om Yoga Magazine had combined edition for Jan/Feb and it's packed with some fab articles. There's everything from Resolutions for the new year, alot on improving mind, body and soul through yoga and different techniques in the new year. Obviously, these articles are along with the usual yoga sequences, techniques and pose breakdowns.

One article in particular has been resonating me since I read it last month and it was Yoga Therapy - ANGER.
Without going into too much detail about anything, I have been feeling very stressed and feeling quite angry about a few things over the last few months on and off. This is something I have been trying to sort and it seems to be a recurring problem.

Anger is a natural emotional release of feelings.When these emotions aren't healthily released, they definitely have a detrimental effect on oneself, mental health, lifestyle and relationships.

I'd say I'm quite a sensitive and emotional person, so when something bothers me, it BOTHERS me. I take things to heart quite often, I can get wound up easily and I can let things get on top of me which leads to me feeling out of control.

The solution to anger is to find a healthy way to release it without harm to oneself or anyone else. This article has taught me some pretty useful yoga poses to do when I'm feeling run down. I've mentioned several times before that Yoga has been a way for me to wind down and clear my head and it's certainly been the case here.

Yoga has almost become a daily practice of mine. I have been doing Yoga as soon as possible after I start to feel angry or stressed and it seems to be doing the trick.  Here are a few Yoga Poses that I have been doing thanks to the Yoga Therapy Article that have tremendously helped with settling my mood and getting me into a better place mentally.

I think this is something that everyone should know how to do already. You should push your hands into the ground and push into your fingertips. Once hands firmly into the ground, inhale  and push into your hands and kick your legs up off the floor. Keep the focus on your fingertips and hands, looking slightly in front of them and lengthen your body.

Repeat this as many times as you want. You can do this against the wall if you are not comfortable with doing a freestanding handstand.

Extended Child's Pose
Another basic pose that most people know if they practice yoga often. Kneel with knees slightly apart and toes together. Inhale and reach forwards and place hands on the floor. Exhale and fold down and place your forehead on the floor. Breathe deep conscious breaths and breathe into sides and back of body.

Hold pose for as long as you like.

Brahmari Breath
Sit in a comfortable position, Inhale deeply and exhale as slowly as possible whilst making a humming noise at the back of the moth with the mouth closed.

Repeat - Do this for 10-15 mins.

Calming Breath
Sit in a comfortable position where spine can remain comfortably upright. Inhale slowly with control through the nose and then exhale as slowly as possible without straining(again through nose)and hold breath out for two to three counts.

Repeat this pattern for up to 10 rounds.

So these are some of the Yoga poses that I have been practicing when I start to feel angry and/or stressed along with my usual yoga practice.

It is also recommended that if you are prone to anger, you should try to eliminate processed foods such as tins, packets, refined sugars and try to eat cleaner. This is something I try to do as much as possible.

Obviously, when you're faced with an issue that makes you angry or stressed, you should do your best to figure out the problem and deal with it before it gets any worse. It is always better to release anger than it is to keep it in. That doesn't mean have a fit of rage in the event but instead dealing with that anger in different ways such as taking deep breaths, doing some yoga poses, talk about it and at the very least acknowledging that that is how you're feeling at the present time.

So, if you're feeling angry or stressed, then why not try to yoga to release some of the emotion? It has definitely helped for me.I'm just hoping that at some point in the future, something gives and I get a break! :)

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Question: What do you do if you're angry and/or stressed out? Let me know!

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  1. I always find cat/cow to be quite good for me. I think it is something to do with breath based movement. I desperately need to get back to my yoga practice again as I can feel my stress levels beginning to build.

    I hope you get the break you need soon - from experience, the relief it gives when it happens is such a weight off.

  2. @Steph Yes, I think you're right, it's all poses that focus mostly on making sure you're breathing properly and that definitely helps!

    I hope I get that break too, it can be very tiring! Here's hoping!


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