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Hi Everyone, I hope you're having a great start to the week! I've got a really short week at work as I'm only in 2 days then I've got a first aid course for the rest of the week so I'm assuming this week will fly by for me.

So, it's the 2nd of February and it's time to take my stats for last month. Now, I'm going to be honest and say that I wasn't looking forward to my stats for the end of Jan/beginning of Feb. Things haven't been going exactly to plan, I had been off my food plans slightly and I got a little off track after stubbing my toe as it put me out from exercise for a while.

So with that in mind, I wasn't expecting fantastic results from my stats for the end of the month but lets see what I'm working with for this month.

Last Weight: 152.2 lbs

Todays Weight: 156.6 lbs

Loss/Gain This Week: +4.6 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 101 lbs
This was seriously depressing. I've been expressing my trouble with loosing weight since surgery. It seems that whenever I put on weight, even a small amount, it stays on and I cant get it back off.

Right now, I'm taking this measurement with a pinch of salt. I had the London Winter Run yesterday with a 6 mile run. 6 miles to me is quite alot and considered a long run. It was tough and my legs are feeling it today so I guarantee there's some lovely water retention going on here that is why I have some extra weight here, I'll gather that I'll be closer to 152-ish without water retention, I'll be keeping an eye on it.

With that being said, something has to give her. I'm definitely trying to see the positive sides to everything, I'm definitely thinking of the achievements that I've made so far and how far I've come on my journey. I have no doubt that eventually I will be able to get rid of this weight, it's just going to take time.


Last Months Measurements:
Neck: 12 | Chest: 32 | Waist: 28 | Belly: 35 | Hips: 36
Left Bicep: 11.5 | Right Bicep: 12 | Left Forearm: 9 | Right Forearm: 9
Left Thigh: 23 | Right Thigh: 23.5 | Left Calf: 15.5 | Right Calf: 16

Changes this month:
No changes this month. All measurements are exactly the same as last month.

As I mentioned, none of this was surprising to me, in fact, I'm glad they stayed the same, they could have gone up and I would have been more disappointed in myself.

Like I said with measurements, its the same here, I can't always take the pictures in the same place, but hopefully I can at least get the same distance away from the camera for the photos.

The lighting keeps changing as I can't get the same time and the same angle for every photo, therefore the lighting can be deceiving. I also completely forgot what poses I was doing so not all of them are the same.  With a gain on the scale and no change in measurements, I wasn't expecting any differences but it's better to have pictures for reference.

Now that I'm back to good health with no illnesses and my toe on the mend, I hope to kick arse in February. Hopefully, there will be more progress and good things to report when I do my next Monthly Stats post at the beginning of March!

Question: Do you take progress pictures and measurements? Do you find them important?

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  1. Darn that blasted toe!! But seriously love, you're doing great - February better watch out! :) xxx

  2. @Jordan Burrell I know right?! Thanks Sweet, Keeping my chin up, I know I can do it! February is gonna get its arse kicked! ;)

  3. Ahhh I'm just having a epic blog post catch up and I've glad to be reading this today...
    Stepped on the scales after a few weeks of half mara training with a lot of longer run's/different diet etc and it was at the highest I'd seen in months. I'm not going to lie, I'm only human and it was hard to deal with even though it was only a few lbs. However my huge frustration is that until I use gym scales to measure fat I won't know if I'm gaining muscle or fat or just water! I always say to people 'don't worry its just a number' and I mean that, I just have to remind myself that I'm never going to be a 130lb girl (and would have to work darn hard to keep up 135 or similar) and to keep on smiling :) So my advice to you would be do the same...We can't let these silly numbers allow us to have a bad day can we? Because if you measure the same and look the same the number does not matter!

  4. I totally need to do a blog catch up. It feels like its been ages since I last had a good read of some blogs, I'm so behind!

    You're totally right, I'm not letting the numbers get me down. I'm fairly happy with my body, it doesn't look much different to me either compared to at my lowest weight so the numbers are not bothering me too much. I just have to keep working at it and I will get there eventually.

    To be honest though, my body is never going to look the same as prior to surgery and it looks better regardless! Just gotta practice a bit of self love! :)

    Thanks @Katie G I can always count on you for some encouragement! <3


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