Update & Sharing My Weight Loss Story!


Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates here on the blog. I have just been strung with a lot of bad luck recently and honestly, didn't have much to talk about.

As you'll probably know from my last post. I stubbed my toe on Saturday and I haven't been able to exercise since. I went for a checkup on Monday morning just to make sure I hadn't broken it. Luckily enough, the nurse thinks it's not broken and just badly bruised!

Either way, I've not been able to put any pressure on my foot at all for the last few days so exercise has been out of the question, especially since walking has been particularly difficult! It's getting better though, I'm able to put more pressure on my foot and the bruising and swelling is coming down so hopefully within the next couple of days, I should be back into the swing of things!

I'm actually gutted that I've had to miss a few days of #Janathon, I really wanted to do 30 days of exercise!

I also ended up getting a 24 hour sickness bug, it started whilst I was at work, I had terrible stomach ache and was feeling sick all the time. I ended up throwing up at work and when I got home, it was basically just trips to the toilet, being sick and sleeping in between. It sucked! I'm feeling better now.. I don't know if I could have handled more than one day with that!

So yeah, that's why I haven't been so present recently, I've just been quite down about not feeling 100% and not exercising definitely puts me in a bad mood!

The only thing I did manage to do whilst I was wallowing in self pity is film my next Youtube Video! I filmed my Weight Loss Story. I tried to make it very Q+A like with questions that I've usually been asked about my weight loss. If you're interested, the video is below!

If you have any questions that you don't think I covered, please feel free to leave them! Like the video to let me know you enjoyed it! and obviously Subscribe if you'd like to see more Health & Fitness Videos from me!

I hope you have a lovely rest of your day!

Speak to you soon! x

Question: What type of videos would you be interested in seeing from me on my channel?

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  1. @Helen Monger Thanks! Hoping within the next couple of days I can get out for a run. Slowly getting the hang of videos, still need to build my confidence up though :) I'll get there!

  2. Hope you start to get back on track, glad you're toe isn't broken! Look forward to watching your vid :-)


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