Sum It Up.. Sunday


Hi Everyone :)

I hope you've all had a good weekend and you're ready for another week ahead! The last week of January I might add! Time is just flying by! It feels like there's just not enough hours in the day to get things done and the days are just passing me by.

I'm obviously back for another weekly recap to let you in on what I've been doing this week, which hasn't been much ;)
Sod All. Other than a few small walks.

and it's been so depressing! I HATE that I stubbed my toe. I've definitely felt the difference this week with not doing exercise and I've actually missed it. I just haven't been able to put pressure on my foot, I've been limping and my legs have been hurting from putting pressure on my other leg. I probably would have done more damage trying to exercise so I just took it easy this week.. But I really have missed working out and that's something I never thought I'd say.

Food has been good this week. Breakfast has been better, there have been a few on-the-go breakfasts of 9bars but I've had some porridge this week too with some granola sprinkled on. Lunches have been great this week, they've been healthy, clean ingredients that keep me full and sustained for a while. Dinners are the same as normal and my only meal that never usually changes, so they have been OK.

Snacking has been good this week too and there hasn't been too much of it as I've whacked my water intake right up. I've been having pears, nakd bars and 9bars throughout the week.

Plan For Next Week
So, my plan to eat better during this week was completely fine. Breakfasts were better and this week I'm going to try and have all planned breakfasts and no grab-and-go's. I'm actually going to try having overnight oats as alot of people have been recommending these so that you can have a breakfast already made and ready so I can just eat it when I get to work.

I'm also going to ease myself back into exercise this week. I'll have swimming tomorrow which I'm looking forward to as I missed it last week because of my foot and I've been enjoying swimming alot recently.

I don't want to go too fast though. I'm not sure how my toe and the soreness is going to be when I try to run so I will just have to take myself out and see how it goes. My shoes are still quite uncomfortable to wear but they're also quite tight around the toes so Im hoping that my wider running trainers wont be as bad! Fingers Crossed!

My plan for routine didn't go the way I wanted to. It is getting better and I have been getting up earlier to do my workouts and Yoga, however, my breakfasts are still slacking and I'm just taking an on-the-go breakfast like a 9bar to work instead of having a proper breakfast so I'm getting on top of this as of Monday.

I am back to calorie counting again. It was a decision that I made earlier this morning when I had a small weigh in to check on how I was doing. I'm up in weight since my last official weigh in back in November(?) and I've felt really down about it.

I've not been able to lose any weight since going into surgery and its incredibly frustrating. especially since every time I gain weight, I can't lose what I gained so I feel like I'm in this vicious cycle of going up in weight and not being able to get back down again. I've just got to keep pushing and keeping my chin up. I've done this before and I know that its possible for me to be at a lower weight I just have to keep going. Eventually something got to give so I just have to keep at it!


So yeah! That's been it for me this week! Not been up to much, just letting my toe heal. Hoping to get back on it this week, fingers crossed. Had a pretty chilled weekend with a slightly awkward baby shower(I didn't know anyone and most people just kept to themselves). It was an experience at least, I'd never been to one before but anyway!

Here's hoping for a better week with some exercise and good food! :)

Until next time! 

Question: Do you ever feel down or not feel quite right when you have to take a break from exercise?

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  1. @Wellbeing Adventure Thanks Jenny. You're right, I do need to remember where I've already been and how much I've acheived. I'll get back to where I want eventually, I'm just a little side tracked. Thanks for the support :) x


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