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It's been a while since I did one of these posts. I completely neglected them over Christmas but I definitely want to continue doing them as its a way for me to track what I'm doing and to keep tabs on my progress.

I hope everyone has been having a brilliant start to their year! :)
Swimming - was SO good this week. It was my first lesson back since before Christmas and I was able to do a few FULL lengths of the pool. I still have a log way to go and I get SO out of breath just doing one length. Deffo need to get into the pool more often to practice.

Running x 2 - I only did 2 runs this week, but I did get in a longer run so I think that's OK for me, especially since I was active in other areas this week.

Yoga x 7 - I was STORMING with Yoga this week. I'm doing #30daysofyoga with Adriene and her videos are fantastic so I have been practicing yoga every day without fail :) and also got in some yoga stool time! :D

Misc Workouts x 4 - I started the Skny Box workout plan the other week so I've been doing Body Weight workouts and HIIT workouts this week. They've been tough and if you're following me on Social Media, you know that I'd be suffering with some major DOMS but I'm getting used to the workouts now.

I'm not gonna lie and say it was hunky dory and I made fantastic choices as that's definitely not what I want to do here on the blog, I like to be honest with you guys and keep it real.

I've struggled with food this week. I've done great in some aspects like my lunches, I've had great lunches with Ryvita Crispbread and Tuna with Cucumber Slices, which were delicious BTW!
However, Breakfast has been none existent, or at least, not a proper breakfast. I've been having Nakd Bars or another type of bar for breakfast and that's it. There's no excuse really except I'm just completely out of routine. Of course, Nakd bars are not unhealthy, but they aren't a sustaining breakfast and therefore I've been hungry early and snacked more than usual.

I've had too many left over cookies and biscuits this week. They're gone now and I'm definitely giving myself a kick up the ar*e and getting back to good, healthy eating this week.

Plan For Next Week
Routine, Routine, Routine! Getting up earlier, getting in my morning workout/yoga/run and then having a healthy, fulfilling breakfast before leaving for work, or leave earlier for work and have breakfast before 9 am work start.

I discussed this with a couple of #HBloggers in tonight's twitter chat and I am making this part of my plan to keep myself accountable for my actions. I want to start doing Youtube videos. I already have a channel HERE and an introduction to my channel that I did quite a while back, however, I found that I was so shy and nervous to film, that I just never got round to making another video.

Since I made YT one of my resolutions, I'm gonna stick to my guns and try and get out a new YT video this week and I have all my readers to keep me accountable for it, so keep your eyes peeled for a new video from me this week! There WILL be one! :)


On another note, I've been participating in #Janathon this January, where you commit to doing something active each day and then blogging or talking about it on social media within 24 hours after completing it. If you'd like to catch up on some of my Janathon Posts, you can find them HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE :)

Question: How have you handled your first full week back at work(if you work)? Did you get back into your normal routine or did you struggle?

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  1. I struggled to get back into my routine! I did well foodwise (which is what I said I would focus on this week knowing I had a busy work week ahead) but I didn't get any exercise in and kept forgetting breakfasts too! This week I shall be fine tuning the food and restarting my exercise regime.

    Well done hun, you went straight in there hard-core with the workouts!

    Penny (@tupennies)

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping that my exercise has cancelled out at least some of my bad eating habits this week. I'm really going to focus on getting good foods into my body, a good nourishing breakfast. I've been slacking and if I want a bikini body by July, I need to get my nutrition in check!

  3. Sounds like a great week exercise wise. You're doing better than me, I need to get back into my running! Will keep an eye out for your vids

  4. Thanks @Helen Monger :) Hopefully I can keep it up this week!

  5. Oh I love Adrienne! What a great yoga challenge, I think yoga is going to be my focus next month :-)

  6. @Laura Agar Wilson She's fantastic isn't she? I'm also a fan of Erin Motz, she does great vids too :)

  7. Gem@ Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra12 January 2015 at 16:00

    The 30 days of yoga sounds awesome

  8. Thanks, Gem, It definitely keeps me motivated to keep practicing yoga. I dont do classes or anything so do all my yoga from home and having something to practice to definitely helps. :)


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