Sum it Up.. S̶u̶n̶d̶a̶y̶ Monday..


Welll... this was supposed to go up yesterday, however, for some reason, the scheduling got screwed up and it didn't actually post. For the purposes of me staying accountable though.. I'm posting it up anyway even though it's Monday.
Swimming - wasn't too bad but certainly wasnt the best this week. If you remember a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I had a replacement swim teacher for one of the lessons and she didn't speak to us the whole time. It was my worst nightmare to see her again this week. To be fair, she did make more of an effort but I think that's because she was probably being watched.

I just used the swim lesson as a practice session. Hoping to get back on my game on my next lesson.

Running x 1 - Only did one run this week which was pretty bad of me, I wish I'd managed to get in another run this week. The one run I did have sucked really bad and my legs felt like lead. I probably didn't fuel properly for the run.. either that or I just wasn't feeling it. We all have bad days.. just gotta keep going at it.

I was supposed to get in a second run this morning, however, I stubbed my toe and now I can hardly walk on it, let alone run or do any other workouts :/

Yoga x 6 - Same as last week with this, I've been doing the Yoga with Adriene videos and I'm still very much enjoying them. I think that I'm probably going to make daily yoga practice part of my usual routine as I'm really enjoying the relaxation on the mat. Even if its just for 5-10 minutes each day.

Misc Workouts x 3 - I had my 2nd week of SKNY box workouts. They were the same workout as last week but with extra sets. As I mentioned, I stubbed my toe so I wasn't able to do my last workout of the week and probably can't for a little while now.
Food has actually been OK this week, apart from breakfasts which I really need to get on top of next week. My lunches have been healthy, I've been having Rye Bread with Ham and Salad which was delicious. I've been having lots of veggies with my evening meals and I've cut down on my snacking and been drinking more tea and water.

If only I could get on top of this breakfast issue, this would have been a great week.

Plan For Next Week
My plan for routine didn't go the way I wanted to. It is getting better and I have been getting up earlier to do my workouts and Yoga, however, my breakfasts are still slacking and I'm just taking an on-the-go breakfast like a 9bar to work instead of having a proper breakfast so I'm getting on top of this as of Monday.

I need to really stay in control of my eating this week. Since I'm injured from my toe stubbing, workouts and running is completely out of the question until I can put pressure on that foot properly so It's important I keep my eating in check.

I did my Youtube video like I planned this week, you can find my channel HERE. Like I've already mentioned, the videos on my channel are going to be similar to the topics I talk about here on the blog so they will range from Health, Fitness, Weight loss, Yoga, Running and other things too.

I'll have a video going up Thurs or Fri this week which will be all about my weight loss story, so if you're interested in that, head over and subscribe to my channel to be updated with when it comes out.  If you have any questions about my weight loss that you'd like me to answer, then feel free to leave them below.

Question: Have you ever stubbed your toe? Isn't it just the worst pain in the world(except for maybe child birth but i've never experienced that)?

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  1. It is so painful! But from what you say it would sound like you've done a little bit more than just stub your toe.. :( (Obs I'm diagnosing your toe from a PC around 30/40miles away and I'm a Insurance Broker, not a Dr..but still never mind ay?)
    As for running, some weeks are just not meant for running and like you I have some run's that I just so terrible I wonder 'what on earth is wrong with me?' but often a terrible week is followed up with a brilliant week of running :)
    A breakfast tip...I love overnight oats and you can just shave them together in Tupperware and have a instant breakfast at your desk the next day..

  2. Thanks @Katie G! Yeah, I've heard from many people that a bad run almost always turns into a good run the next time, unfortunately.. It wont be just yet till I've healed at least!

    I've heard of overnight oats.. and definitely intrigued, I just don't know about having oats cold.. I guess I shouldn't knock it till I've tried it.. I'm assuming you don't heat them up right?


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