#Janathon - Days 9-12!


Thought I'd do a quick update on whats been happening the last couple of days for #Janathon

I've still been doing my daily yoga and my Skny Box workouts have been on plan as they should be. There isn't much to update on either of them.

On Saturday, I braved the winds and went for a 5 mile run with Phillips Mother and the doggies! I was DREADING it. The wind was SO bad I thought I was going to take off like Mary Poppins, but I found it really funny. We got back JUST in time before it started raining really badly. I'm sure if I got caught out in it, I would have been telling a completely different story, one that didn't have the word fun in it! ;)
On Sunday, I just went for a shorter 1.5 mile run with one of our dogs and then did the housework.

This evening, I had my swimming lesson. I have swimming lessons every Monday night at 9pm if anyone wasn't aware! We've been learning front crawl with breathing techniques and getting timing correct with proper 'form' if that's even a thing for swimming ;) It's pretty hard!

I'm slowly getting used to the breathing and the swimming techniques but I'm definitely not there yet, I still have a long ways to go. I'm able to swim a full length of the pool every so often, sometimes I mess up and have to stop half way. I find that when I've done a full length of the pool, I'm ridiculously out of breath and need to take a breather before swimming back.
Post Swim.. Post Struggle with jeggins and Jumper.. ;)
I've made a mental note to dress appropriate for post swim. Tonight I wore jeggings and a jumper and I spent about 15 minutes struggling to get them on. I need baggy sweatpants and a plain t-shirt next time! xD

That's it as an update on Janathon for these last couple of days! I'm hoping to get up a little earlier tomorrow, I want to try and fit in 2 Yoga Videos. I've also got my next Skny Box workout to do and I'll probably do some walking at lunch so keep an eye out for Janathon updates! :)


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Question: Do you swim? Do you have any tips for people learning to swim?

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  1. You are brave running in the wind we've had recently! I would have loved to sign up for Janathon but this time of year is so hard to run outdoors in especially having the little one!

  2. I keep my fingers crossed! You're great ;)

  3. @Laura@wholeheartedlyhealthy Thanks! I almost skipped it! It was so bad but because it was so bad, I couldn't stop laughing when we were nearly being blown away. I suppose its better than hating the whole run!

    It's so dark in the mornings atm, I skipped my run!

    It's understandable not having as much time to run now with Baba... Hope you and the gorgeous little one are doing well! :)


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