#Janathon! // Day 1 & 2


I've seen the #Janathon/#Juneathon hashtag floating around on social media before but never really knew what it was or what it entailed. Then I saw Katie and Steph discussing it on twitter before Christmas and had a look to see what it was all about.

Janathon is/was primarily a running challenge, however, if you don't run or can't, you can join in by cycling, walking, rowing, weights, swimming, building snowmen.. whatever takes your fancy and gets you up and active everyday for the month of January.
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The part that intrigued me most about this challenge is the fact that it entices people that are doing the challenge to be social about it. Once you've completed an activity of your choice, you are to blog/tweet or tell the Janathon FB page and the rest of the participants about it within 24 hours.

Everyone uses the #Janathon hashtag and you can leave comments and encourage other participants to interact with each other. I love to find new bloggers and health and fitness addicts like me so I thought it was a great opportunity.

So I completed Day 1 Yesterday, which was actually building up a desk in the living room for my new blogging/work space area. Prior to making the desk, I just had my hospital bed desk and a small living room chair to sit on. I had no room, no space for storage.

Since I really want to focus on my blog this year, I thought it would be a good idea to have my own little space to have all my blogging stuff and since I spend most of my time on a computer anyway, I thought why not.

Here's some pictures of my little corner. I love it, personally and it will enable me to be more organised throughout the year:

I went for a 3 mile run this morning for day 2 of Janathon. I still wasn't feeling 100% with my cough and cold but I really couldn't stand just sitting around feeling sorry for myself so I went out.
It wasn't the best run ever. I had to stop a few times during my run because of coughing and a really tight chest but I still felt better when I got home than before I started.

 I'm definitely glad that I decided not to do the NYE run on Weds, I think I would have really struggled. I still have other races that I can enter and have the Winter Run coming up on the 1st of February so I'm going to focus on them instead.


So that's it so far, I haven't decided if I will do a quick blog post everyday or whether I combine a couple of days worth on my blog. I guess we'll find out sooner or later, I'll have made the decision by tomorrow. Bring on Day 3!
If you're interested in joining in with the Janathon challenge, its not too late and you can find out more info and sign up HERE!

Question: Have you heard of #Janathon? Do you/have you participated in any month long challenges that you enjoyed?

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  1. Welcome to Janathon! I am very envious of your blog space - I would love to do something like that, but we just don't have the room yet (hopefully later this year though!). Well done on your run, especially seeing as you still have a cold.

  2. @Steph Thanks! and thanks to you and Katie for introducing me!

    We had to do some shifting around but I'm really happy with it. Still need to get bits and pieces like boxes to store things in, desk tidy, ect but for the most part I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out!

    I will have to figure out what I'm gonna do tomorrow, probably yoga and some workout videos.. not going to try running again until the day after, hopefully this cold will have gone!

  3. Janathon does sound like a great idea. Well done on your run & I hope your cold goes soon 😀

  4. We're hoping to extend our house this month and creating my own computer/blogging/working space is high on my priorities for use of the new space.
    Hope you're feeling better soon. :)


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