Sum It Up.. Sunday!


Good Evening, Lovelies! 

It's probably just worth saying right off the bat that this week has been bad for food choices. Rather than trying to avoid them and spend time stressing over it, I just enjoyed myself.. it's only a week, I will be back on track next week.
Swimming - WENT GREAT THIS WEEK, YAY! I made a lot of progress this week and I even got two compliments from some ladies that are in the swim class after me(they usually sit by the side of the pool during our lesson until is time for them to get in). They said they'd been watching me during my swim classes since the beginning and thought my swimming had improved loads since I first started!

Running x 3 - I did 3 runs this week, which I'm taking as a bonus as this week has been incredibly busy with events so I'm surprised I managed to fit them in and hopefully its cancelled out some of the food from this week. ;)

Like I mentioned right at the start of this post. My eating this week has not been good and I decided rather than stress out and not enjoy myself as much as everyone else, I joined in and enjoyed myself this week and i think it's just to just live a little and not worry so much!

We've had parties and events all week. It was Atmel's(the company I work for) 30th Birthday on Tuesday and we had a birthday party to celebrate as an office. There was pizza, sweets, cakes, games ect and I would have looked a little silly being the only one not having anything.

So yeah, I just lived alittle and enjoyed myself!

Plan For Next Week
So, the only plans we have for next week is our Office Christmas Lunch, it's the only food choices that are not necessarily 'healthy', they're OK but not something I would have on a daily basis.

So, with that in mind, I want to make sure that I eat good and healthy this week. I'm actually going to try and restrict myself this week which is something I don't usually do but I've had enough cake and sweet treats to last me the rest of the year so I will be trying to stay away from them during the week except for our office lunch.

Plenty of water should be drunk this week too to try and rid my body of the toxins from this week. Preferably at least 8 glasses a day, I'm going to be keeping a record of it.

I need to get in a 6 mile run this weekend as I haven't done one in a while, so that's on the cards for either Sat or Sun and I'll make sure that I am well fueled as a trial for the race.

I have made a workout plan for this week. I'm starting a workout routine that I was supposed to be starting from the SKNY box. I'm interested in seeing how it goes. I've got some Yoga incorporated in my schedule too and since I've been so off track this week, I think I definitely need to step my game up and work my ass off!

THAT IS ALL! My week is all planned out so fingers crossed it all goes right!


If you haven't seen, I started a Gift Guide Series that I'll be doing over the next week or two. I put up a Gift Guide for Runners last week and also a Gift Guide for Yogis this week! so go check those out if you're still looking for Christmas ideas!

Have a great week! x

Question: Have you had any christmas-y events this week? Anything planned for next week?

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